bk AHC: A bit of history. [part 2]

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
full book sellfy.com/p/ujMc / free examples sellfy.com/p/HQH3

While trying to find the solution I created several more codes for practicing the script while the encryption symbols basically remained the same  I only changed the meaning of the symbols and made some of the symbols more advanced giving them a kind of flexibility in representation. By 2007-2008 the possible total number of cryptic symbols to use, in my way of writing, was in hundreds of thousands and even millions while used in context (the flexibility increased ways of writing greatly – later Ill show you how), so I only needed to pick for using the ones I liked by design for particular meanings, the rest of them could have been used as an information noise at any time.

After the extensive memory training and brain exercise in Japan the following versions of encoding I was able to create from zero to completion in just a week time, and the simplest (but still somewhat safe) codes in matter of just a few hours. I can do it at any time again  its not a complicated process if you know what to do. But I wasn’t happy enough. Each process of creation required writing down on paper large quantities of symbols and destroying the paper after memorizing all of the symbols.. and repeating the symbols regularly. By around 2009-2010 I was not always writing down the symbols anymore but quite often representing each symbol with a dot on a paper in a certain system, so I knew what the dot should mean. During the recalling process of the symbols I painted a matrix (out of actual dimensions when I was in a public place, not to give away the real size of the matrix of symbols I used) and marked dots to the squares for the corresponding symbols which I remembered (and of course to the extra spaces in the out of dimensions matrix). If I couldn’t remember a symbol after a while then I created a new one instead of it until I could remember all of them.

By 2011, as it was obvious that the simpler encoding methods were not becoming secure enough, or should need to include large amount of information noise which would make the code bulky and impractical, I began a completely new process of creation. I started with the matrix of actual symbols I would need to use but left the writing part completely out until I could come up with the method of writing satisfying all the requirements, including:

  • simple to write and to remember the code symbols;
  • easy to adapt for individual needs, to personalize;
  • very secure against attacks by cryptanalysis.

While creating the new matrix of symbols I also choose a completely new approach – I decided to never-ever write down anywhere the matrix of symbols for the newest code, completely doing everything in my mind only. It took me two years to complete the process. First of all I wasn’t in hurry, waiting for the idea to come into my mind how to write simply and while keeping the simplicity also in a secure way, so I began with little steps.. I decided about the dimensions of the matrix, then placed letters of the languages I speak into the matrix, then numbers, then mathematical symbols I use or may need to use one day, then punctuation symbols, then other common representations of ideas (symbols like arrows, squares, etc.), then rules for highlighting parts of the script, then several grammatical rules for flexibility of the code, then several encryption rules to modify the code, to correct errors and to switch between different encoding patterns during encryption. When that was done I added some common words and some other useful stuff to represent an idea or a process with a single encryption symbol, and after each step I took a break. If after a while, sometimes after several months, I was able to recall the symbols and was still happy with the position of them in the matrix, then I followed with other symbols.. if not, then I repositioned the stuff in mind and gave it a break again.

By now my own matrix of symbols is complete, and encoding rules are complete including all the commands/orders, modifiers and switches, never being written down anywhere, with several sets of symbols in the matrix for encoding information in different levels of security. And as now the rules are complete it obviously means I have also found a solution for the writing system which differs from the previously used methods, easier to memorize and to use. The beauty of it is in the possibility to write different things in different methods of encryption the way that they’re almost indistinguishable from each other. Embedding encoded switches in the script it is possible to write as a normal text with cryptic symbols, including information noise for security, as a highly sophisticated encryption, and also as a mathematically encoded text giving maximum security. All of the encryption methods can be used in the same script moving smoothly from one method to another at any point of the script, without visible indication of which method is used. In this book, in one of the last chapters, you will find out what the latest, the best and the highest level encryption method is, which I’m using myself, but you need some patience going through the examples of basic level and medium level codes, then you can understand what the highest level encryption method will be if you wish to create something like that for yourself as well.


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