bk AHC: A bit of history. [part 1]

An excerpt from the book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography..
full book sellfy.com/p/ujMc / free examples sellfy.com/p/HQH3

As I mentioned it took quite a long time to work out the method – over thirty years. In fact I didn’t work on the project whole the time, not the 30 years straight. The encryption was my hobby since around the age of 10-12 y.o., with some very basic encoding methods for kids. In earlier times I tried to come up with a personal code or method of encryption just sometimes, on free time besides other hobbies like music, philosophy of mind, psychology, martial arts, programming and travel. Later I dedicated on it much more time as it was becoming more and more of a challenge.. I almost new for fact the solution is out there in the basic principles I have already learned, discovered and created, but the perfect method still remained elusive for me.

The total net time I spent working on the handwriting cryptography may be around a few years of whole day work. During that time I have created perhaps a dozen fully complete codes, but each time I wasn’t happy enough with the result. After using yet another method for some time it was becoming so easy to encode and read the code that it created in me doubts about the security of it. So each time I made a more complex method of encryption. The most complex code had thousands of encryption symbols to remember, so I had to repeat all of them in a systematic manner, not to forget. It became an obstacle by itself. In 2004, while in Japan, it took me over half a year to create the most complex version I had so far, from beginning to completion. After the method was complete I encrypted my pocket notebook (the paper one, not electronic) with all the names, addresses, telephone numbers etc., with hundreds of contacts from around the world, destroying the original notebook. The encryption process of the notebook took around a week or two, dont remember exactly, including the time of verification for eliminating any errors. When I moved back to France where I lived before going to Japan it took me about two months of work every day six to eight hours to decrypt it all back. It took so long time mostly because by this time I had forgotten some of the symbols of the code and I needed to go through the process of recovering the meaning of them. It was a proof that this method of encryption wasn’t practical for use when so much work was needed to keep the code secure. For substitution of real symbols it included several sets of code letters, code numbers and other encryption symbols for writing down different things: for encoding names, logins and codes I used separate sets of symbols, for telephone numbers, dates, counting etc. yet more sets of symbols and so on, for making it impossible to deduce one thing by another if one part of the script, login or code for example, became somehow known to someone. To make the code yet stronger I used several encoding symbols to represent each actual symbol even within the separate sets. I also had several reserve sets of encryption symbols which I actually never used but had ready just in case, to write down some data requiring extreme precaution in handling, so it wouldn’t be possible to deduce the data having known all the logins, codes, names and telephone numbers from third party sources. It seems a lot of stuff to remember but later Ill show you the methods of systematization of symbols used, so it becomes not hard at all. Still, as it requires thousands of symbols to remember, even though the forgotten symbols are possible to derive by your own systematization methods, it becomes impractical for everyday use. After forgetting the meaning of just one symbol, a number represented by given symbol for instance (remember, for security each number was substituted by several symbols even within separate set), it may take you a few hours or even days of work to recover the meaning of a symbol from the rest of encrypted data. Its because to find out the value of the forgotten number you first need to find in the encrypted text the other symbols belonging to the system of that set and then derive the value of the forgotten symbol. For safety different sets are never in similar systems in an obviously comparable way — every set must have its own unique system to memorize/derive symbols within. Thus, basically I didn’t use the method anymore after seeing how much time it takes to decrypt the data if some of the symbols got forgotten (in case of codes and phone numbers). The other reason for not using the method anymore was, of course, that I compromised the code myself by keeping both of the data sets – encrypted notebook and decrypted notebook – in my computer, while working on it, scanning the notebook into secure drives. Regardless the computer encryption I used was extremely strong there’s never (and will never be) full security when it comes to computers. To create a new system as complex as I had created was not an option, I had to come up with a better solution.

[Continues in Part 2]


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