bk SR: The Enlightened Ones.

An excerpt from the book SEEMING REALITY [ https://sellfy.com/p/WTto ].

The Enlightened Ones.

People who are in sensation of eternity cannot be good teachers. They are “on the other side of the abyss”. For instance:

The disciple asks: “How to become an enlightened one?”
“To be enlightened means to be yourself”, answers the holy one.
“I am an earthly person, I do not know how to get rid of my worries. I am asking God, but I am not satisfied with the results. What should I do?”
“Believe in God.”
“But I have got a wife, children and friends – I cannot avoid them and dedicate myself to God.”
“It means that you do not believe enough. You have to believe.”
“I hoped for His help but nothing has happened,” is the aspirant dissatisfied.
“If you believe in God, you should not be insulted by suffering that He sends you,” the holy one answers.

This can be compared with the following dialogue:

A patient comes to a doctor and complains about his illness.
“You have to be well,” says the doctor, “then there is no illness.”
“Oh, I would but how to do it?” asks the patient.
“To do it you don’t have to be ill,” answers the doctor.
“I’ve got pains,” says the patient.
“It’s because you are ill,” answers the doctor.

Before an enlightened one can show the way to enlightenment, he should return to “this side of the abyss”. But everyone can reach enlightenment himself, in his own way.


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