bk SR: Flexibility in thinking has to be trained..

An excerpt from the book SEEMING REALITY [ https://sellfy.com/p/WTto ].


Flexibility in thinking has to be trained similarly to training of muscles. You can’t change thinking in a split of a second, to get an “understanding”, without sufficient base for it. A moment of understanding comes when there (in brain) disappear disturbing contradictions, but not in occasional “enlightenment”… it is based on previous “knowledge” which actually is way of thinking. If all the significant obstacles in this way disappear then comes the understanding. In brain there a certain connections between cells. It is not a surprise that it is sometimes extremely hard to change whatever habits, because the certain connections (certain ways of movement of impulses) in brain are trained to be very strong. Only if you “shake” them off by cardinal change of your environment, you can ease mental changes, as it comes along with other changes in brain activity. By keeping your usual way of living it will take a long time and application of smart willpower to overcome habitual connections in your brain cells – you can’t just start thinking differently living the same life. If your muscles and joints are not exercised then it’s painful to apply moves different of the habitual ones, although it is easy to stop a move in the right moment before causing damage. But brain does not feel pain (a usual headache is the pain of muscles on your scull, not the pain of brain. In most cases it is caused because of stiffness in your neck/shoulder muscles restraining supply of blood to head or more precisely from head. If blood can’t move away then every single pulsation makes it feel in your head – the pain is caused by extreme blood pressure. Make some massage to you shoulders and neck releasing blood’s normal circulation, the headache disappears in a minute – no need for pills (read: poison). Brain is not the cause of this pain but informator). Application of a different (forced) move in brain (different thinking) of a habitual one is sensed not by direct pain but in different way: with impact to vital organs not controlled voluntarily. Consequences may be stomach disorders up to vomiting and spasm, a heart attack or even collapse of big part of brain cells due to rushed huge changes in thinking. It happens if your brain connections are established in “narrow” way (if you’re not wise enough to be ready for changes, believing that nothing can come on you, e.g. there’s a god (or several gods) protecting you or that you’re on control of everything in your life) and the life suddenly shows you the different reality. Brain has developed to have constant changes (that’s why it’s not feeling pain), thus keeping brain almost idle by laziness of proper thinking (following just examples, fashion etc., even reading this book and taking it as it is, without comparing it to reality of life, without trying to find/understand my mistakes, if there’s any) is against the nature itself. The stronger habits the bigger chance to fall into “shock” when life suddenly turns to unexpected way. Because your brain is not trained to flexibility (to have different ways of thinking) you’ve got to break its “narrow” path then and not a surprise that some go mad after unexpected big changes in life.

Soul is summation of automatic reactions of brain on the useful path of thinking, if you don’t have to concentrate on finding a solution in a case which is common in your life. When you learn to drive a car you’ve got to concentrate on everything, similarly babies learn to drive their body and children learn to drive their thoughts by given examples of their environment. Later on, when you’re a pro in driving of car, you can do many things at time, and if something abnormal happens you’ll react automatically, even without thinking of it. Similarly you don’t need to think of every move of your body, you simply drive it subconsciously having attention on your purposes. And also similarly, connections of your brain developed by your background environment where you’ve been growing, will have their way on your everyday business automatically giving you certain reactions for certain situations… this is the so called “soul” – the sum of habitual (automatic) ways of thinking.

Widely experienced in life people (not the ones who’ve lived a long life doing the same thing, having the same experience) don’t have strongly expressed emotional reactions – they’re used to have changes in life and their flexible ways of thinking don’t have one-sided habitual reactions, they’re having “big soul” (“big heart”) because they’re not expecting anything from anybody, but taking everything as it comes. A wise man is in every situation of life open to all the possible ways of further development of situation and is not just expecting the “right” solution caused by a “narrow” habitual experience. That flexibility of mind lets wise people to be calm in every situation as they’re just following the flow.


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