bk SR: The skill to free oneself is one of the most essential properties..

An excerpt from the book SEEMING REALITY [ https://sellfy.com/p/WTto ].

The skill to free oneself is one of the most essential properties of living and vitality even in everyday social life. (Here I do not mean the skill “to free” oneself of one’s enemies by “blowing them out”). However, it is just this skill of liberation that is not sufficiently widely spread despite the fact that the lack of this skill has the strongest tangible consequences for people’s lives.

An example:

A person has spent many years studying, obtained a degree at a university, got himself a profession and a well-paid stable job with career prospects both in his specialty and in terms of institutional hierarchy. He finds self-fulfilment in his hobbies and other activities that make up his LIFE, he is also satisfied with his job as it grants him a living. Although he has always been dreaming about making a job out of his hobby, he finds himself unable to free himself from his present job, as this would necessitate new efforts in order to achieve “stability” and lead to frustration caused by time wasted on studies. This liberation is especially difficult when the studies have been an effort not for the sake of LIFE but merely a purpose – in such case it is really wasted time and the person goes to great lengths to justify his past suffering in the name of future. The person tries to convince himself in it and fails to see new openings for life in the MOMENT (here and now). In sum, it is the memory of experience that hinders LIBERATION.

Already our ancestors had problems with liberation. there is a way of catching monkeys still in use today: a small hole is made into a coconut and some grain is put into it. The hole is so small that it is impossible for a monkey to pull its fisted hand out of the nut. Life may be in danger, but what is caught is caught, and to release it!!!…

Now, think if you have an acquaintance who has deliberately let go of domestic comfort, car, career… and explained his actions with a desire to cure himself of disease, avoid cardiac arrest. Or are you one of such people??

Most people try to change their external environment to suit their EGO and to obtain all possible reinforcement of the EGO ignoring the possibility to shape their internal being so that it would correspond to external reality. For instance yogis do not aim to develop resilience to nature (muscles, …) but learn to shape themselves softly in conformity with the rules of nature. (Many people suffer from false shame. For instance in the warm season people might walk around barefoot and be ashamed of their illnesses instead).

Man centres everything onto himself – my house, my car, my wife, my … , and this is done up to great finesse like my colour, my taste..! All this is inculcated from early childhood and it is only natural that after such amount of training people find it difficult to get liberated from anything – and thus we get: my disease, my problem…

There are “neutral” states like relaxation, meditation – but what is their purpose?!! To gain even more strength and energy to go on with the same pressure?!

Don Men: “To go into the external without retaining the EGO is possible only through total avoidance of the principles, judgments and criteria of EGO.
Start with the body. Do not only relax, but consciously release the whole body into the external. Imagine that somebody takes away your relaxed foot, hand, head, takes it anywhere.
Difficult? All your muscles get tense? You are losing relaxation? But you know that all your body is still there.
As in sports, we are training acquisition. Pressure. Self-destruction starts at the point where it all gets variable.”

We are all constantly governed by the sensation of lack of stability. Why not the other way round? (NB! Liberation is by no means negation – this is also pressure.)


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