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bk SR: Flexibility in thinking has to be trained..

An excerpt from the book SEEMING REALITY [ https://sellfy.com/p/WTto ].


Flexibility in thinking has to be trained similarly to training of muscles. You can’t change thinking in a split of a second, to get an “understanding”, without sufficient base for it. A moment of understanding comes when there (in brain) disappear disturbing contradictions, but not in occasional “enlightenment”… it is based on previous “knowledge” which actually is way of thinking. If all the significant obstacles in this way disappear then comes the understanding. In brain there a certain connections between cells. It is not a surprise that it is sometimes extremely hard to change whatever habits, because the certain connections (certain ways of movement of impulses) in brain are trained to be very strong. Only if you “shake” them off by cardinal change of your environment, you can ease mental changes, as it comes along with other changes in brain activity. By keeping your usual way of living it will take a long time and application of smart willpower to overcome habitual connections in your brain cells – you can’t just start thinking differently living the same life. If your muscles and joints are not exercised then it’s painful to apply moves different of the habitual ones, although it is easy to stop a move in the right moment before causing damage. But brain does not feel pain (a usual headache is the pain of muscles on your scull, not the pain of brain. In most cases it is caused because of stiffness in your neck/shoulder muscles restraining supply of blood to head or more precisely from head. If blood can’t move away then every single pulsation makes it feel in your head – the pain is caused by extreme blood pressure. Make some massage to you shoulders and neck releasing blood’s normal circulation, the headache disappears in a minute – no need for pills (read: poison). Brain is not the cause of this pain but informator). Application of a different (forced) move in brain (different thinking) of a habitual one is sensed not by direct pain but in different way: with impact to vital organs not controlled voluntarily. Consequences may be stomach disorders up to vomiting and spasm, a heart attack or even collapse of big part of brain cells due to rushed huge changes in thinking. It happens if your brain connections are established in “narrow” way (if you’re not wise enough to be ready for changes, believing that nothing can come on you, e.g. there’s a god (or several gods) protecting you or that you’re on control of everything in your life) and the life suddenly shows you the different reality. Brain has developed to have constant changes (that’s why it’s not feeling pain), thus keeping brain almost idle by laziness of proper thinking (following just examples, fashion etc., even reading this book and taking it as it is, without comparing it to reality of life, without trying to find/understand my mistakes, if there’s any) is against the nature itself. The stronger habits the bigger chance to fall into “shock” when life suddenly turns to unexpected way. Because your brain is not trained to flexibility (to have different ways of thinking) you’ve got to break its “narrow” path then and not a surprise that some go mad after unexpected big changes in life.

Soul is summation of automatic reactions of brain on the useful path of thinking, if you don’t have to concentrate on finding a solution in a case which is common in your life. When you learn to drive a car you’ve got to concentrate on everything, similarly babies learn to drive their body and children learn to drive their thoughts by given examples of their environment. Later on, when you’re a pro in driving of car, you can do many things at time, and if something abnormal happens you’ll react automatically, even without thinking of it. Similarly you don’t need to think of every move of your body, you simply drive it subconsciously having attention on your purposes. And also similarly, connections of your brain developed by your background environment where you’ve been growing, will have their way on your everyday business automatically giving you certain reactions for certain situations… this is the so called “soul” – the sum of habitual (automatic) ways of thinking.

Widely experienced in life people (not the ones who’ve lived a long life doing the same thing, having the same experience) don’t have strongly expressed emotional reactions – they’re used to have changes in life and their flexible ways of thinking don’t have one-sided habitual reactions, they’re having “big soul” (“big heart”) because they’re not expecting anything from anybody, but taking everything as it comes. A wise man is in every situation of life open to all the possible ways of further development of situation and is not just expecting the “right” solution caused by a “narrow” habitual experience. That flexibility of mind lets wise people to be calm in every situation as they’re just following the flow.

bk SR: The Enlightened Ones.

An excerpt from the book SEEMING REALITY [ https://sellfy.com/p/WTto ].

The Enlightened Ones.

People who are in sensation of eternity cannot be good teachers. They are “on the other side of the abyss”. For instance:

The disciple asks: “How to become an enlightened one?”
“To be enlightened means to be yourself”, answers the holy one.
“I am an earthly person, I do not know how to get rid of my worries. I am asking God, but I am not satisfied with the results. What should I do?”
“Believe in God.”
“But I have got a wife, children and friends – I cannot avoid them and dedicate myself to God.”
“It means that you do not believe enough. You have to believe.”
“I hoped for His help but nothing has happened,” is the aspirant dissatisfied.
“If you believe in God, you should not be insulted by suffering that He sends you,” the holy one answers.

This can be compared with the following dialogue:

A patient comes to a doctor and complains about his illness.
“You have to be well,” says the doctor, “then there is no illness.”
“Oh, I would but how to do it?” asks the patient.
“To do it you don’t have to be ill,” answers the doctor.
“I’ve got pains,” says the patient.
“It’s because you are ill,” answers the doctor.

Before an enlightened one can show the way to enlightenment, he should return to “this side of the abyss”. But everyone can reach enlightenment himself, in his own way.

bk SR: ZEN

An excerpt from the book SEEMING REALITY [ https://sellfy.com/p/WTto ].


Zen-buddhism is probably the nearest there to multipolarity. In Zen there is a separation from binarity – the distinction between death and life and “hell” and “heaven”: Zen denies (excludes) God who demands submission and therefore is a hierarchical principle.

The only aim of Zen is convergence with nature. Old masters claimed that everyone is able to achieve nirvana and did not request complete forfeiture of “earthly passions” – on the contrary, they claim that nirvana is to be found in the midst of sansara (the world of passions) and not away from it. In addition to samurais Zen was meant for common people who, in order to attain supreme knowledge (wide understanding) were to join physical, spiritual, mental (conscious) and subconscious abilities – in the end this was to lead to enlightenment (satori) independently of noble or common origin of the person.

According to Zen satori cleanses the soul for further life in this world. In the metaphorical language of masters satori opens the “third eye” and sharpened senses enable a person to look at reality as if from aside – the person stays in the enlightened state (sammai). According to Zen this state is necessary for any activity in order to do it masterly – be it tea ceremony, yoga, martial art, calligraphy, … whatever.

Zen’ s wisdom is in refraining from imposition of one’s will on nature and in the skill to immediately respond to its call.
One of the creators of the philosophical basis of Japanese martial arts, the patriarch of Zen Takuan (1573-1645) has written:
“Everything in the world takes spontaneity of actions and nothing should be done with premeditation. What is premeditated does not correspond to reality. There is nothing in the world that the Void cannot adapt to – it is not important if it is long or short, quadrangular or round. Only a soul encompassed by the Void may surpass every obstacle.”

There is no need to interpret what has been said by the old masters, but I will here explain some things for the benefit of my disciples (as the present book is meant as preparation for training). (Among “Seekers” there are very young people who begin by acquiring techniques of physical combat but also read the present instructional material.)

“What is premeditated does not correspond to reality” – for instance if your aim is to pick up a mug from the table you need not get it in one piece (as you presumed) – before the execution of the action your presumption is “seeming reality” similar to the presumption that you can get from point A to point B without stumbling or that you can read out a passage from a book without mixing up a word – it may happen, but before that it is just a premeditation, and there is no way you could definitely assert that your premeditation (“what is premeditated”) corresponds to reality. There is reality only when you flow in conformity with your wishes and are directed by nature, immediately reacting to changes of the situation – when you do not get hooked on your purposes and push them through (“with determination”, “purposefully”) despite the changed situation (such pushing is a cause of internal tensions that, when cumulating, get expressed as health problems). A “purpose” can be reached smoothly. The “purpose” does not mean acquisition of something at any price but the internal state that you seek to achieve through acquiring some object. It is actually not the object that you need but the feeling thereby experienced – if you understand this and “get liberated from the object”, the nature itself will show you the OTHER WAY to attainment of this state.
Patriarch Hakuin (1686-1769) who attributed great importance to physical preparation in Zen has written:
“I am seventy years old, but I feel in myself ten times more strength compared to what I had when I was 30 or 40 years old. I am strong in body and soul: I can be without sleeping for a long time. It happens that I have to be 3, 4, sometimes also 7 days without sleep, but it does not reflect on the activity of my brain.

A person interested only in Zen meditation is never successful in active practice of Zen. When faced with daily business all vitality acquired by him gets lost without a trace and he is overpowered even by somebody who has never practiced Zen. Every trifle can make him sad and nervous and behave as it befits only a coward…”

In Zen everything is directed towards simplicity. Takuan notes that in Buddhism, Shintoism, Daoism and Confucianism the “Uniformity of Soul”, “Void”, “Buddha’s State of Enlightenment”, “Nobility of Soul” etc. determine the Absolute that is “the greatest mystery”.

It is possible that after having read this book the greatest mystery will be “a little bit lesser greatest mystery”.

bk SR: TIME and SPACE.

An excerpt from the book SEEMING REALITY [ https://sellfy.com/p/WTto ].


There is no time and space. There is only movement and change (also movement). More precisely: time and space exist only for reason and even there time is just movement measured by another kind of movement from one point of space into another.

I will try to show an explanation that might be difficult to grasp through the mediation of reason:

As soon as to eliminate the notion “space”, the notion “time” is lost. In such case everything is present everywhere at the same time.
A knowledge that is inculcated in you says that light brings to you information about some distant object. Time needed for it is X etc. etc. Everything is logical.
Now let us proceed from the viewpoint that everything in the world is information either in materialized or non-materialised form. We can thus conclude that everything we see, hear, or touch is merely information and has reality to the degree equal to the reception power of our information sensors. The rest does not exist (abstract thinking is also an information sensor).

To be liberated from the limitations set to us by our surroundings, time and space, we have to LIBERATE ourselves of the dictatorship of our internal sensors, in a manner of speaking, we have to leave our material body behind.

Is DEATH then not death? How can it then be, if a contradiction, which is logical even from the point of view of reason, holds: death (bad) liberates (good) man from limitations, or, to write it in the polar manner: +=– (liberation = death). If you can sincerely agree to that, then you have talents to get further liberated from the limitations of reason – the seed is already there.

If, after reading the last passage, you started thinking (maybe again) about the purpose and/or purposelessness of life, then philosophers or the “knowledgeable” people have long ago provided several answers that keep being come upon by every thinker: “The purpose of life is not to think of the purpose of life”, “Life has purpose only when you grow up your children, build a home and plant a tree”…

Japanese samurais (warriors) used a very “clever” way to attain internal peace in life. Their life was based on a philosophical world outlook that despised death and fear for one’s life. Rising every morning a samurai had to think that he might die this day – even going to bed a samurai was to keep in mind that he might die in bed and, as befitted a true samurai, no one was to find him in an undignified situation. A samurai had to die with self-respect – not crying out in fear but accepting the death as the natural course of events…

… a samurai who daily contemplated death and was ready to accept it achieved naturalness and peace for every situation of life – an unexpected fight on life and death did not cause fear in him, not to speak of everyday situations (samurai’s senses were never eclipsed). Such world outlook does not allow for depression (or suicidal tendencies) as “everything in this world is FLOW”. A suicide was possible only when a samurai had tarnished his honour. In this case he committed harakiri (seppuku, a cut of stomach) and liberated himself from shame.

A number of samurai movies and other films about martial arts depict the masters as extremely emotional people – do not let yourself be led astray by that as most of such productions are oriented to European audiences. No samurai observing the “basic code” Busi-do could let anyone (an enemy) read his state of mind from face or posture.

A deep internal peace is a precondition for the development of internal abilities. Only by controlling emotions, sensations and perceptions it is possible to release them at the desired moment, only through possession of internal peace and “purity of senses” (clarity of senses) it is possible to achieve opening and enlightenment.

bk SR: How is multi-polarity expressed in nature..

An excerpt from the book SEEMING REALITY [ https://sellfy.com/p/WTto ].

How is multi-polarity (non-linear systems) expressed in nature and is it possible to shape it into a system through linear activity?
Your everyday experience shows that (bipolar) consciousness can influence the (multipolar) subconscious: our activity influences our dreams and our subconscious reactions. The “problem” is that as consciousness is a special case of the subconscious, there are only limited ways how the subconscious can be influenced by consciousness.

Some natural examples of established multipolar regularities are the pyramids, the “magic circles” (where everyone interested may e.g. walk on burning coal barefoot), “anomalous” locations between the mountains (Tibetan monasteries – training centres were built there), water with special properties flowing in certain places, etc. Everyone is not able to assemble a “magic circle” as it takes knowledge of natural materials and the ability to communicate with them.

Here’s necessary to take up the real energetic sensation and illusions. We will not deal with self-deception – it is a closed circle of reason and everyone is to get out of it himself.

Energetics has a lot in common (and many connections) with love. For example: First you have your first love, then second, then third, the fourth… when on one day (or night) you discover that what you have got is… first love. The same principles (my experience) hold in finding energetic sensation, love itself is a purest energetic link. The attainment of genuine sensation of energy may be expressed as follows: “as far as you feel like asking someone if you have energetic abilities or if your sensations are energetic, then you do not have them. When you comprehend and govern energetics, you do not have to ask about it – you HAVE GOT it, and no one can take it away from you or make you doubt it”. (There is one love but it has thousands of shades.) But yet. On the way to real comprehension illusions may be very stimulating phenomena. They give you strength and interest to continue looking. Only sometimes it is difficult to give up illusions which may be quite stimulating and pamper your self-confidence.

When you start doubting yourself, TIME has not come and there is SPACE for development in every direction.

bk SR: In nature energy was originally in a chaotic state..

An excerpt from the book SEEMING REALITY [ https://sellfy.com/p/WTto ].

In nature (the external body) energy was originally in a chaotic state, or, more correctly, in dispersed movement governed by the laws of nature. Human reason was able to select out of this “chaos” a type of energy that was in conformity with the laws of reason and to systematize the natural elements that influenced (+/–) this energy in experiments contrived by it (by reason). In the long run this led to the development of power stations and other relevant consequences (up to personal computers, +/–). In essence this is selective systematization of nature by the rules of reason.

Let us take a break here. Imagine the whole nature being systematized by the rules of reason. Then all left of man should be reason. End of break.
Only reason may create linear (straight, unidirectional) energetic connections in the body. These connections are not shaped trough dictatorship but through finding the places and possibilities for realisation of respective energetic connections and their subsequent systematization (I am here speaking of oriental teachings about movement of energies that are by no means the only solution, it is simply the course development has taken in the Orient).

In connection with teaching of energetic movements understood by oriental schools as meridians, conditionally, in accordance with understanding, related to certain bodily organs (through external knowledge – for external explanation), it should be said that when Don Men has discussed the topic in his lectures many medically educated (in this context read: important) people have got up and left without listening to the end (!)… Their importance and stature were witnessed by the medical questions asked (already containing the implied right answer). When Don Men took a different approach in his explanation (not proceeding from the solution presumed by the question) they were able to listen to but a couple of first sentences from which they immediately concluded the whole answer (probably on the basis of experience). Here you can see why in Tibetan monasteries, when somebody asks a question proceeding from the first intellect, and the on-going discussion takes place with the rules of the second intellect, and one is not explicable by the other (they are mutually exclusive) – such “transition” is called “jump across the abyss” in the Orient – the teacher hits the disciple on the head saying: “think right”.

(An ancient philosopher was led to the verge of suicide trying to find a logical solution to the statement: “I never tell the truth” when the speaker told the truth, and consequently was lying, but if he lied, then consequently he was telling the truth. Where is the solution?)

In linear bio-energetics it is also not possible to make smooth transfers between arbitrary meridians, before doing it, the “contradictory” meridian has to be released – in the opposite case the result is energetic destruction up to physical damage. It is not possible to rationally prove the existence of bioenergetic energies different from electrical +/- energies, and until attainment of real understanding it is purely a matter of belief. Before this attainment it is sufficient when the teacher tells you that it is so.

Given such attitude and faith in your teacher you may find such bioenergetic development which otherwise (without a teacher) could, if you get entangled in quest and disappointments, lose reality for you. (Don Men is relatively indifferent to “those who seek” until the point when their FAITH is sufficiently “mature” and will not allow the reason to “filter” exercises).

Everything is comprehensible through knowledge (do not necessarily read: reason). Even ignorance and fear of ignorance are comprehensible through a knowledge, that there is something towards what you cannot have an attitude, as you do not know its nature and behaviour in particular situations.

Given the fact that due to the inertia of development all texts – be they oral or written – are the most efficient means of communication for ordinary people, a book is necessary as, through dissemination of primary truths, it gives many people an opportunity “to seek” and simplifies the finding of a “teacher”. This is true only when the book does not turn into a dictator and start to lure the reader with knowledge, terms, meanings and other symbolic entities that are unnecessary for bioenergetic development. Here the teacher is LIFE – the hardships, successes, and whatever other experiences leading to bioenergetic comprehension.