bk SR: There is an oriental principle..

An excerpt from the book SEEMING REALITY [ https://sellfy.com/p/WTto ].

There is an oriental principle: “When a question arises whether you should sleep or not, then you should not sleep. When a question arises whether you should eat or not, then you should not eat. When a question arises whether you should live or not, then you should not live”. The latter cannot be interpreted as a suicidal idea. Rather, it means that if you do not live “here and now” (Don Men) then you will get that idea, and THEN you will have no point to live like that.

If your LIFE consists in control over yourself, then the recommendation is as follows. Find yourself a teacher whom you necessarily do not have to understand but whom you COMPREHEND. The teacher need not be a person, it may be your own body, hardships and challenges. An illness may be a teacher when you are not trying to kill the illness with poisons, but keep looking into yourself to find new solutions for “internal existence”. When you fail to detect “illness” at its onset, then later there is no other way but to destroy it, simultaneously destroying your internal feeling.

It would be naive to think that the physical body may be left aside in developing internal capacities (the author has met numerous people who keep prattling about internal capacities who, instead of giving explanations, might serve as sample patients for medical students). The development of the physical body (I mean active development) may be reduced only when you yourself feel that you do not need it any longer. Your physical body is earth for the growth of new life forms. The more nourishing is the “earth”, the more extensive are the opportunities for new life – in the development of both internal and external capacities. (There is a danger of being captured in a “physical cycle” (when a person has achieved certain “success” through his muscles) – this is equal to giving up new opportunities, as it is here that the competitions start: 1 second faster, 1 centimetre farther, etc.!?).

Man is able to walk barefoot on burning coal, swallow hot metal, “cut” his body with sharp instruments, endure unimaginable hardships, hold his breath for extensive periods of time, sit on suspended thin thread or a narrow strip of paper, and do many more things that seem supernatural from the layman’s point of view. Who doubts such abilities (and the above list is not exhaustive but rather modest) may, if really interested, find places where such abilities are demonstrated. What is most amazing is that people in question earn their everyday bread by displaying their abilities, taking it as their everyday job and nothing special.

Should these abilities be called trained vitality, or immunity, or something that there is no word for? The right word is probably energetic abilities, but let us not limit ourselves to the principles of electricity. These energetic abilities let people perform “miracles” impossible according to physical rules. (Don Men: “It does not make you wonder that same cells may make up a man in one case and an ant in another, but you are surprised when the same elements of life are used to create an environment working on different principles…”).

It is also amazing that even persons who do not directly sense the energetic movements of their bodies are capable of achieving “non-human” abilities. This is probably possible due to strong will and faith which influence the subconscious and after reinforcement by physical exercise “materialise” in an energetic form.

It is my personal opinion that in most cases such people achieve their extreme abilities after having spent decades on the realisation of their idea fixe. It is hardly likely that those whom chance or experience has provided with direct energetic sense would materialise their energies in their external bodies. I tend to think that as soon as a person has realized one of such energetic variations and seen an opportunity to develop (grow, increase, amplify) it, he will lose interest in this direction and start looking for new opportunities for energetic realisation, experience of other states and contact with the completely unknown.