bk SR: In the following list can you find..

An excerpt from the book SEEMING REALITY [ https://sellfy.com/p/WTto ].

In the following list can you find something that you would cross out as unnecessary (even in small amounts) to retain your vitality and resilience in the environment you live in: skill to tell lies, aggressiveness, envy, anger, cruelty, greed, lack of perseverance, ambition, lack of compassion…?

If you in fact lack a greater part of these properties, then you are probably not one of the “successful” people looked up to as an example in terms of results or material welfare achieved (of course, matters beyond your control, e.g. inheritance, do not count here).

We are faced with a paradox – the society is trying to free itself of vice and at the same time thrives on it.
Another paradox (and one that is contrary to the rules of reason) – oriental martial arts, originally designed for self defence, turned aggressive, but on achievement of real expertise excluded aggression and other properties necessary for social existence! Take for instance the saying: “A real master is not the one who wins 100 contests out of 100, but the one who can handle 100 potential fights without fighting”.

It can be said that the skill of living or vitality is adaptability, forgiveness, also stupidity, cynicism, whatever. All this is vitality, if put to adequate goal-oriented use and adapted to what the environment is able to understand and what can be used to influence it.

Oriental martial arts (I mean practical arts, not sports) allowed the use of these deceptive manoeuvres on condition that the fighters retained their internal stability and kept loving whom or what they intended to influence. Only through loving (I do not mean going crazy with passion) is it possible to understand everything as oneself and thus also foresee every movement of the opponent. An angry martial art is only an aggressive stage of martial art.

Imagine that well-being, trust, mutual understanding, helpfulness, etc. prevail in the world. Suppose that an expedition from another planet comes to Earth to study the life here, they land on the roof of a slaughterhouse and peep in through the window…

Thus it is nevertheless impossible to create a good society as goodness is so subjective, momentary and one-sided that it is possible to say: “There is no absolute good or absolute bad”, or: “There is no good or bad”.


Similarly there is no “truth” or “falsity”. There is a legend about it.
A legend about the old wise man.

Once upon a time a man came to see the old wise man and complained: “What bad luck I’ve had with my neighbour. When my chicken got out of my yard he set his dog on them. The dog killed some of the chicken right away and I don’t know how many crippled chicken I have got to kill myself. I know that you’ve always made just judgments – do I have to claim damages from my neighbour?”

“You’re right,” answered the old wise man.

In some time another man came to see the old wise man: “My neighbour is a vicious man – he let his chicken loose in my backyard and they cleaned all my beds. I cried out but my neighbour refused to call back his chicken. Then I set my dog loose and it killed some of the chicken. Now my neighbour claims damages. The whole village knows that your judgments are wise and just – tell me – am I right that I don’t have to pay my neighbour anything?”.

“You’re right,” the old wise man answered.

When the man was gone the wife of the old man who had heard everything came in from the kitchen and reproached her husband: “How can it be that both of them are right at the same time – you’re not a wise man but an old fool!”

“You’re right,” the old man answered.


Everyone has his own truth. When a girl asks her mother, if this or that village boy is the right one, then the mother is able to evaluate him only in the light of her own experience, her own truth capable of reflecting only a hypothetical future. This is also seeming reality.

Take a look at society. Have some empathy and put yourself into the position of politicians (our own representatives). In a “democratic” state every leader knows that, working for the country and the people, the opposition is busy watching out for his errors – it is not a difficult thing to do. Therefore, in order to survive, it is necessary for him to defend himself, and before leaving to take the maximum in order to secure a better future life for himself.

Such is society and such are the human properties necessary for its existence, and in this kind of society any behaviour is good or bad only against a concrete background.


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