bk SR: People dream of traveling to other planets..

An excerpt from the book SEEMING REALITY [ https://sellfy.com/p/WTto ].

People dream of traveling to other planets to discover something new there. It is ridiculous for what is man capable of on a new planet when all his sensors for external contact are the same as here on Earth. With his reason man can record the same things (i.e. what is based on the same principles) just in a slightly different form.

Vision serves as a good example of it. The eyes can only register information of certain light intensity and wavelength. Everything out of these boundaries is brought to our consciousness by various artificial transformers which in their turn are a creation of reason (read: bipolar, +/–) and therefore limited by it.

It is no wonder that the scientists who connect, say, an electrode to a toe and another one to nose are unable to register any biological currents, however sensitive their equipment. They are only able to register special cases of bio-energy that can be subsumed in the framework of bipolar concepts.

There is a weak connection between the subconscious and consciousness. Everyone can provide examples of it from his/her own experience: you may have done something without thinking of it and later discovered that you have narrowly and improbably escaped a dangerous situation, as if some supernatural power had been guiding you. There is nothing “supernatural” about it except yourself – your experience and subconscious observations linked in the subconscious by other than the “intelligible” rules of reason. Similarly, in the active stage of sleep we have a connection between our consciousness and the subconscious. Information is selected and systematized, but due to insufficient training the dream experience is a mixture of unbridled fantasies, desires and emotions.

By now you will probably understand that there is no need to go looking in faraway places. It is all there in yourselves. You do not have absolute control over yourselves. Neither do I. What is new is what you cannot invent, but what you just have to take – influencing your soul, emotional state, the possibilities of organism (i.e. the material body).

We are getting to a point where it becomes necessary to define the “external body”. Any internal sensation (I am not referring to self-deception) can be projected into your external body (i.e. the body outside of your skin). Similarly you can project the external into your internal body. In order to be able to absorb anything from the outside (even using the ordinary sensors) you have beforehand to possess the thing – or at least a readiness for its development – inside yourself. For instance the present work is a mediator of reason, of ideas. If you have no prior readiness: the knowledge about words and necessary experience, then this work will not develop anything in you, leading instead to disconnected mass of information discarded by reason. The effect is similar to that experienced by a primary school child exposed to a lecture on mathematics or cybernetics.

As the external body needs internal readiness to experience it (eyes, ears, …), so does the internal body need external readiness for its external realization. Thus the primitive cults associated with “anomalous” geographical points. It was at these points that primitive peoples were able to express themselves and to apply their capabilities.

Another example can be found at the level of everyday communication: you find that an environment where you and your internal ways of expression are accepted and developed is much more adequate than other types of environments, and when due to reasons connected with vegetation you are not able to stay in this environment, you strive to get back to it whenever possible in order to LIVE.

It is possible to develop external environment in accordance with your love, keeping in mind that the rigid will break and the soft will develop.
A wise oriental would say of life: “Look at water – it takes the shape given to it by the external, but it cannot be broken – become like water and you will be for ever”.

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