bk SR: Hegel gave currency to the notion of “stupid infinity”..

An excerpt from the book SEEMING REALITY [ https://sellfy.com/p/WTto ].

Hegel gave currency to the notion of “stupid infinity”. It means that something can be repeated for however many times, but it will remain what it was. In Hegel’s footsteps Don Men employed the term “stupid multitude” meaning that whatever you may invent, it will be based on bipolar connections.

It is easy to see for yourselves. Take mathematics, physics, philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, “esoterics”, sociology, theology, … – is there anything that transcends the principle: higher, better, stronger, faster…, or the other way round?

Reason categorizes everything according to its rules. It is no wonder that, as reason sees everything as having a beginning and an end, birth and death, life is also seen as finite. Elementary logic tells you that you cannot achieve immortality through reason. Man can never achieve immortality if he is continually raped by limitations set by reason.

Reason should not be excluded – it is and should stay a special case in nature (reason is necessary for the existence of life and for orientation in time and space, which also is a special life-form – a special case). It is to be regretted, though, that the rape by reason referred to above is enjoying an absolute (in fact, only ostensible) approval within the system and has achieved an immense inertia of development thus hindering other routes of development.

Even the “cases of development” not connected with reason are often seen as fully or partially caused by reason that immediately starts looking for explanations to such cases or just gives up. For instance, reason might use terms like energy of the mind, sinful karma, good-bad aura, higher-lower chakra, or explain a “successful” or “unsuccessful” birth by numerology (!?).

Karma means a road passed from birth to enlightenment. Who is not enlightened does not have karma (a way passed or actions committed). Karma that itself cannot be good or bad shows the person’s way to enlightenment.

Aura reflects energetic deviations (that do not mean illness) of the person who sees the aura (an optically manifest effect) and it is directly connected with the background (more precisely the color of the background) against which the aura is seen (a person sees auras in a moment of effort (with “peripheral vision”) also of any lifeless objects).

Chakras are points of opening supplied with hierarchical meaning only by interpretations oriented to reason. The graphically depicted petals and signs symbolize the respective energetic application.

At his training sessions Don Men employed the following analysis to use vision for establishing internal deviations from “energetic balance”. Everybody was given a large sheet of white paper and smaller pieces of paper of different colors. People were to direct the focus of attention to the white sheet and rotate in front of it (between the white paper end the eyes), say, a small piece of blue paper without looking at it directly but viewing it peripherally. When they obtained a yellow image against white background while moving the piece outside of the field of vision, it meant that at the moment internal correspondence was absolutely correct (without deviations).

If the background is moving, the “seers” should be seeing “floating” auras.

There are also scientists who indulge themselves in self-deception as the “multi-dimensional worlds” current in academic circles are based on the naive extension of a finite set of bipolar relationships to an infinite number of objects. To put it in a simpler way: scientists add coordinates to a given system and use the same old bipolar mathematics (+ and – and no more) to calculate multi-dimensional worlds.

A note: linearity (of operations) cannot be eliminated by adding a neutral state to plus and minus. In such cases predilection towards positive will prevail. (Not true and false and neither, not North and South and neither, not A+B=0 (or –a+a=0, where –a=A and a=B) or A/A=1, but A+B+C=0 etc.). Here we should avoid the temptation to add some element to the existing ones.

Linearity is eliminated only in a system where all (more than two) elements are balanced on equal bases.
For instance:

In (a bipolar) system AB charge A moves in the direction of B


In (a tripolar) system ABC charge A moves simultaneously (without being divided) towards B and C, charge B moves towards C and A, and charge C towards A and B


Time and space are superseded and reason is confronted with the paradox where

A compensates B and C
B compensates A and C
C compensates A and B

yielding an “absurd” balanced system. The system is absurd only for reason as different dharmas (relationships) hold here and lose their validity in transfer to other loka (change of location). (Loka means world in Sanskrit.)

Due to definite dharmas reason has nothing left to it but to view life as a circle or a spiral – in a closed system it has to be able to return to the same point.

Even light is supplied with bipolarity by thought. For instance hues (not colors) blue A, green B, and red C yield a common white 0 (A+B+C=0). But it is not because of the properties of the hues, but because of the property of light to be also a wave, that bipolar equipment reduces a tripolar property to bipolar properties of a wave. Light is “universal”, and complementary hues e.g. violet and yellowish green, red and bluish green, yellow and blue form a bipolar environment (A+B=0) and e.g. violet, yellow and green form a tripolar environment (A+B+C=0). In addition to waveform properties light also has corpuscular properties which are essentially “multipolar waves”. Thus bipolar equipment is able to “see” photon jets only in ways determined by the variants of answers presumed in designing the instruments.

In a tripolar system you can have telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance or any other “mystification”, even the original (not interpreted) Trinity, the states of Buddha, and whatever other original teachings about the achievement of the so-called super-powers (straight from the master, without a mediator).

It is paradoxical that “super-powers” cannot be acquired straight by a book, but at the same time it is possible to develop oneself in this direction even without reading any books, even without knowing of their existence and the existence of teachers. Development is a personal way that, when imitated, will be nothing more but an imitation.

Only these who are in a certain state at the very moment are able to give direct guidance to people who have got sufficiently close to this state (only a loving person can evoke love in the other who is close enough to it – mere words “you have to do like this” do not create love).

Books on “finding” energies can only make us conclude that there is no need to add to the multitude of such books.


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