bk SR: A child who has become aware..

An excerpt from the book SEEMING REALITY [ https://sellfy.com/p/WTto ].

A child who has become aware of its body might state: “My body is where my toes start and my hair end.”
What or who is the spirit – this issue can be meaningfully touched by anyone able to access it.

Let us change our approach and suppose that my body is what I can control. We can now conclude that all objects which I can move and people whom I am able to influence are my body or at least part of it. And that my body proper, i.e. the part that I am unable to influence or voluntarily control (internal organs, the subconscious) do not belong to me. Now we might conclude that the size of my body is not constant, but changes due both to my will and the influence of other people.

It can be argued that the schoolroom definition of body is a convention adopted to facilitate communication. In fact, it is the same type of conventionality as that of mathematics. But think of the limitations that it leads to! Limitations not only of mind but of possibilities of life arising “when logic (+/–) does not validate something, then it is not possible and you can forget it!”

Your body is exactly as large as your love. Love everything and everything will be you, nothing but yourself can influence you.

For instance, take a mother loving her son who gets into an accident. It influences the mother and even if the son is far away from her he is a part of the mother’s body.
The way to get rid of problems is not in giving up all love in order not to be influenced by it. In such case you would really be in contact only with your “small” body and in order to avoid all external contact with it you should cease to exist altogether.

Loving everything and being everything you will know the essence of everything and be able to develop yourself. Again, it is not feasible to use your linear thinking to extract all that is “good” from your “large” body, the result would be only too predictable. The body can be enjoyed in its changes. Not by dying bit by bit but by existing as a whole. To call some feelings positive and some negative would be a violence of thinking against feelings. Even assuming merely a rational viewpoint it can be concluded that only bad causes good.

How is it possible to learn to control the “internal body” (i.e. the body “inside the skin”)? Here an oriental wisdom should be kept in mind: “The rigid and the hard will break, the soft and the loose will develop”. Is especially true of people’s preconceived attitudes towards their body and a soft attitude is to be taken to everything that the body itself makes felt to you.

It is attention that determines your contact with the internal (and external) body. It is a waste of effort to search your inside for “feelings” that are known to reason. You will come across some but there is no guarantee that they are not false images “filtered” by reason.

You will find true internal vision, hearing or tasting – call them as you wish – only when you “lock up” your reason until you again need it to perform its tasks in the primary form. A minimum of thinking and a maximum of feeling! A minimum of coercion and a maximum of seeking!

The saying: “Work without working” (or: “influence without influencing”) by Dan Li alias Laozi (VI-III B.C.) can be extended to the development of internal capabilities. (Dan Li is said to have lived for more than two hundred years and nobody knows when and where he died.)

The best echo sonar for internal sensation is your own heart and pulse, the rest is just a matter of attention and observations. It is similar to how a newborn baby learns to know its body – there is no need for words. And there are no words that would be fit for it, as words come from reason and by using them we limit ourselves.