About some healthy body reactions..

I have noticed that when I’m in a city my nose sneezes whole the time and I cough a lot, but when I’m in a country side, even though it’s cold and windy, I’m fine. It’s good to realize that the body is functioning properly, trying to get rid of all the bad stuff that comes through the air. People around the city may think that I’m sick, but that’s actually them whose body has stopped to fight, keeping all the bad stuff inside, which goes to the cells and causes early aging, cancer, and many illnesses. Sneezing and cough aren’t always the symptoms of illness but a normal body function — to eliminate the things that don’t need to be inside you. Taking medication to stop cough and sneezing may let you feel better in a short period, but in a long term it may cause more harm than good. One should let the body figure out what’s the best for it, backed with millions of years of development and selection of proper reactions through trial and error. You should not try to override these bodily functions unless there’s a risk of immediate grave harm. Most small issues should be left for healing by itself.. in most cases your body knows better than any doctor.


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