bk SR: There is an ancient Chinese saying..

An excerpt from the book SEEMING REALITY [ https://sellfy.com/p/WTto ].

There is an ancient Chinese saying: “You are not able to control yourself. How is it then possible for you to find the Way and control it?”. Control over oneself does not mean the capacity to move one’s feet, hands and ears. Besides perfect government of the body the control also involves feelings, states of mind and perceptions. It also involves the ability for voluntary application of these faculties.

“Thanks” to the selective control by reason the sensory organs are, through focusing of attention, applied independently of one another (i.e. in a primary manner). Thereby one of the organs always has precedence over others. The rest of the senses at the same time serve as sources of information for the subconscious. (The subconscious is not limited by bipolar rules that constrain reason.)

For instance, a worker operating a mechanism may for a long time fail to notice bodily damage to himself when the trauma is out of his field of vision. As soon as the person notices the trauma, his mind switches on the sensation of pain. As the matter concerns a vital function the pain acquires a primary status and it becomes increasingly difficult to direct attention to work.

Consequently self control makes it possible to avoid pain through directing attention to sensing something complex and demanding with other sensors.
The next step in controlling the “body” is the linkage of sensors (hearing, vision, smelling etc.). It is possible to train vision by hearing, tasting by smelling etc. To a certain extent such training is accessible to everyone (a trained individual is able to see beyond the “boundaries” of UV and infra-red radiation). A major hindrance here is the fact that mankind has manufactured an array of devices essentially hampering versatile development (e.g. thermometer, barometer, sensors for recognition of chemical compounds etc. which all reduce sensations to fit the dictum: “I believe it only when I’ve seen it”.

When someone of us senses (calling it “seeing” as there is no other appropriate word) something not registered by the vast majority, then he is accredited with extrasensory abilities or considered to be mad. Moreover, the clearer the vision, the more likely the person is to be committed to asylum.

Again there is an apt oriental saying applicable to the body and to other phenomena: “Only when the Sun sets are you able to see that there are thousands of stars in the world”. In other words: “When you give preference to something, you deprive yourself of other immeasurably more multitudinous opportunities”.


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