bk SR: Once upon a time..

An excerpt from the book SEEMING REALITY [ https://sellfy.com/p/WTto ].


Once upon a time a traveller was wandering in a country of the colour-blind.

“What are you looking at?” asked an inhabitant of the country of the traveller who had stopped at a field.
“You’ve got marvellous butterflies here – I haven’t ever seen such colours”, the traveller answered.


“Look at this one, green, with red dots and yellow stripes, it comes as if out of a fairy tale”.

A local who had been observing the traveller for quite some time followed his companion and said to him in a low voice: “Poor man. Remember they had a similar case in the neighbouring village a couple of years ago – the man is still in the loony bin babbling about how they could fail to see it… But this one is completely off his rocker, using all those words that don’t even exist. Otherwise the man looks like a regular guy, and he speaks our language, although you can tell that he is a foreigner”.

The companion answered: “He probably comes from…, well, it escapes my memory what country it was. Anyway, a relative from there lately visited my neighbour and told him that he had been to a country where, there is a multitude of such loonies who keep babbling on like that behind stone walls”.

It is possible to imagine what became of the traveller, but let me offer you the following way of reasoning:
Imagine that your grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grandfather dreamt about cars, airplanes, and about himself watching television and channel-surfing…
Waking up in the morning he might have told his relatives about carriages that moved without a horse, make no noise and emit smoke, or birds who flew without flapping their wings, or prattle about a saucepan filled with water that stood on its side without any water spilling out of it and showing apparitions of all kinds.

Now imagine that you dream about a palm-sized box enabling you to produce actually usable life-size objects… – would you accept the dream as a possible future? Even if science, given its present means and trends of development, turned out to be able to create something like this, it would take generations.

Now, basing the reasoning on the fact that the world will never be ready, and admitting that history has shown us that development, by and large, never assumes the predicted course, it is pointless to go on fantasizing. Rather, I invite you to accept as self-evident what you have in yourselves as potential, as is the case of a seed. A seed may say that it has roots, trunk and leaves – and indeed it has them, but because of a lack of suitable earth the seed may die without having used this mode of life.

It is naive to think that bioenergetic capabilities are handed down from somewhere (“up there”) when you ask for them or “wait for the right moment”. Similarly you cannot learn to read without being familiar with the alphabet, you cannot learn to write without going through drawing lines, writing words and sentences, and only then writing a small story. It is necessary to work in order for the bioenergetic capabilities to develop. It may be a matter of having or not having certain talents, but a person who for fifty years keeps reiterating that he has good bioenergetic talents will never make any progress. Paganini’s example shows us that hard work may make a world-class violinist of even a mediocre person.


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