Physicists demonstrate existence of two states of liquid water.

Dr. Maestro and her colleagues from Spain and Mexico have looked closely at a variety of physical properties of liquid water, including thermal conductivity, proton spin-lattice relaxation time, refractive index, conductivity, surface tension and the piezo-optical coefficient. They have found that these phenomena seem to flip between two particular characters at around 50 degrees Celsius, give or take 10 degrees, i.e. from 40 to 60 degrees Celsius.

“With the exception of piezo-optical coefficients, we observe a bilinear dependence defining a crossover temperature: approximately 64 degrees Celsius for thermal conductivity, about 50 degrees Celsius for proton spin-lattice relaxation time, 50 degrees Celsius for refractive index, about 53 degrees Celsius for conductivity, and 57 degrees Celsius for surface tension,” the scientists explained. “These results confirm that in the 0-100 degrees Celsius range liquid water presents a crossover temperature in many of its properties close to 50 degrees Celsius.” Other properties of liquid water also show variations in this temperature range.

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