Expanding Sources.

This week I had to triple the list of medical news sites to review daily as there have been times when for a week nothing relevant to my research showed up. Thus nothing relevant were to post in my blog neither, apart of my own thoughts, opinions and longer writings.

Many of the medical websites repeat each other over and over, in different words and different headlines. I avoid repeating on the YE blog — if I know it has been posted and new ‘discovery’ makes headlines on the medical news websites again, sometimes many months later, then I simply ignore the news. Hopefully more diverse material can be posted now, related to the topic. I spend several hours a day for going through all the material out there, so if nothing new is posted on the YE blog it’s simply because there isn’t anything worth posting here. I keep the blog as close to the subject as possible, except on the side also promoting my own books, some of which may be a bit out of the topic of longevity and life/youth extension. Books are my only source of income right now – several more to come.. who knows when though, there’s a lot of work to be done yet.

Obviously there’s a limit to how much I can do and how much new published material to go through to select for posting on the blog, thus always do your own reasearch as well to find the news I have missed.

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