If you wish to live long and healthy do your own research as well, don’t just believe all the science news.

Why should one do his/her own research. Lets look into the dangers of not doing it. What is fraud as such? It is deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage. In that sense any woman who puts on makeup is committing fraud to gain advantage over competing women by hiding her real face as it is. No wonder men get disappointed in women pretty fast after realizing the trickery, which definitely isn’t limited with makup on face only. Men as well use trickery for the reality to appear different from what it really is, for their advantage. As it is the very human nature to use fraud in everyday life then it is no wonder that many scientists are conducting research on hidden fraudulent data, to gain personal advantage. This applies also to research in the fields of immortality and longevity, but in this field we cannot afford to take wrong decisions — you can only get the whole picture on possible healthy longevity right once. Thus in this field everyone must continuously keep an eye on developments in related sciences, learn as much as possible, and come to personal conclusions avoiding making decisions on fraudulent data. You cannot rely just on what some scientists have said or written. You must be educated enough to make your own decisions how to use research data in your life, to truly achieve an incredible longevity with excellent health.

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