An opinion about coffee (‘taofe’ in Tahitian).

Recently I have read in medical literature some articles about benefits of coffee approaching the topic of the benefit from different angles, which by my gut feeling are planted there with the backing of coffee industry. The most recent article which didn’t feel right was about benefits of coffee for reducing effects of alcohol — Coffee, Genetics May Block Hepatitis in Heavy Drinkers — the results were based on patients’ subjective reporting about the use of coffee, which data is easy to manipulate and impossible to verify.

My personal alcohol consumption is almost zero — I drink alcohol socially in very rare occasions, last time over half a year ago when on a business trip in France, staying at friends. I don’t need that presumed ‘benefit’ of coffee, but that article may subconsciously trigger the need to drink coffee in many, after having a booze. Looks like the target group to influence was carefully selected, considering the state of diminished critical thinking, relaxed attitude towards consequences and urgent need to reduce bad effect of alcohol after becoming half sober. The overall psychological impact of the above mentioned article is huge considering also the mechanism of justification for harming actions against oneself, à la “if I drink coffee after alcohol it will eliminate the harm”. But the mathematics of two negatives giving positive (which may also have been the psychological intent of the planted article, to tap into subconscious mind) isn’t working on human body.

Apart of short time pleasure the coffee isn’t doing much good to your body. Recent scientific research shows that you’ll be better off dropping the habit of coffee drinking, for several reasons.. so, the recent media attack by positive articles looks like counteroffensive to me. But I must emphasize that this is my personal opinion, a gut feeling based on what I have learned.. I cannot prove it, or rather I have no time to do a deeper research into that particular issue who exactly was backing the studies that showed the benefits of coffee. The results of the studies simply didn’t make sense based on what I know about coffee.

Personally I do drink coffee regardless of all what I know about how it affects body, but as in all the other senses I’m having a very healthy lifestyle coffee doesn’t become “yet another” affecting weight in overall pressure on my physiology. It is neutralized easily with all the other positive factors.. thus I am allowed to have that short time pleasure, keeping in mind that as soon as I feel a decline in health the first thing I do to regain health will be eliminating coffee from consumption, if that can be the cause of my sudden health problem. So far I’m doing great.

Drinking coffee is probably the only bad habit I have (can’t think of any other).. and perhaps not coincidentally the easy access domain to the YE blog comes from the word ‘coffee’ — ‘taofe’ means coffee in Tahitian. (I lived/worked in Tahiti for a while and chose that domain name while I was there). Thus you can’t blame me in being biased: I like coffee but I keep myself informed about the downside of its consumption, ready to quit as soon as the downside outweighs the moments of small pleasure.

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