Big Sugar Is the New Big Tobacco.

The news for Big Sugar has not been all too sweet as of late. Just days ago, researchers published a study showing that Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are systematically undermining the scientific literature on the detrimental effects of sugar by sponsoring favorable studies under the guise of “charitable giving.” In addition, last month another study came out showing that the Sugar Association, the sugar industry’s trade association and lobbying arm, paid Harvard researchers in the 1960s to hide the impact of sugar on coronary health and shift the blame to fats.

Though these actions occurred in the 1960s, the cumulative negative impact on government health policy can be felt to this day. Both studies contribute to a growing body of literature and numerous disturbing examples telling us what many have suspected for quite some time: that the sugar industry is following the playbook of Big Tobacco in order to undermine public health policy in the pursuit of profits.

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