Why brain uses so much energy?

A researcher at IBM has uncovered what could be a start to these answers: a model for what the brain does at rest, when it’s not reading or thinking or cooking you breakfast. IBM neuroscientist James Kozloski calls it “the Grand Loop.”

“The brain consumes a great amount of energy doing nothing. It’s a great mystery of neuroscience,” Kozloski said. “You don’t spend that much energy on noise unless there’s a really good reason.”

Kozloski says about 90 percent of the energy consumed by the brain is unaccounted for, which is a considerable amount given that the brain takes 20 percent of the body’s total energy. He proposes that the brain is actually always looping signals through a series of pathways in the brain, made of neurons and tissue.

read the full article.. www.popsci.com/ibm-research-thinks-its-solved-brain

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