Have you made an impact on society for a better life?

If not yet then now you have a chance! It is a duty of every intelligent person to use strong cryptography, so that governments won’t become tyrannical. You don’t need to worry about terrorism — you will not aid any potential or current terrorists. Governments themselves create them to have an excuse to take your liberties. Cryptography won’t provide potential terrorists with weapons of war — governments do. As your weapons to protect yourselves are taken away, your only true weapon is word of truth, protected by cryptography. If you don’t use cryptography you’re part of the problem in this world — you’re aiding governments to control the lives of average people, which they’re not meant to do. A good government must be a servant of people, to coordinate and achieve things that people in small groups cannot achieve, for the benefit of all. A good government has no business in your lives if you’re not a threat to the society. Using strong cryptography by ordinary people keeps governments minding their business, restraining authorities to given duties and not letting them to abuse their powers. Using strongest cryptography possible should be a moral duty of every intelligent person who cares about society.

Make an impact now.. learn AHC – Advanced Handwriting Cryptography.

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