New method to detect aging cells, and aid rejuvenation therapies, developed by researchers.

Scientists have discovered a new way to look for aging cells across a wide range of biological materials; the new method will boost understanding of cellular development and aging as well as the causes of diverse diseases.

/…/ Cellular senescence is a fundamental biological process involved in every day embryonic and adult life, both good — for normal human development — and, more importantly to researchers, dangerous by triggering disease conditions. Up to now available senescence detecting biomarkers have very limited and burdensome application. Therefore, a more effective, precise and easy-to-use biomarker would have considerable benefits for research and clinical practice.

“The method we have developed provides unprecedented advantages over any other available senescence detection products — it is straight-forward, sensitive, specific and widely applicable, even by non-experienced users,” said Professor Townsend. /…/ “By the better identification — and subsequently elimination of — senescent cells, tissues can be rejuvenated and the health span extended.”

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