How much time/work does it take to create your own code?

An important information has been left out from the ‘synopsis‘ post: How much time/work does it take to create your own code?


Using the encryption technique, described in the AHC book in detail, one could build a personal encoding method in matter of 10 minutes (basic code), about a week (medium level code) or approximately a month (the highest level code), depending on needs for safety, which can then be used during entire lifetime. You don’t need to spend 30 years to achieve the same results — the development of and perfecting the encryption technique took so long time, my time, now the art of writing in the unbreakable code is described and available for use by others in quite a simple way. This is not a process of creating your personal language, it’s encoding the language(s) you already know the way others can’t understand. Only those having the custom keys will have access to the encoded information.

With Best Wishes, A. K.

Reference to the post: Synopsis of the AHC book.

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