Synopsis of the AHC book.


The book Advanced Handwriting Cryptography is about unique method of handwriting in a highly secure code, yet quite easy to learn, customize, write and read. In over thirty years of work I have developed a practical encryption method which looks like a calligraphic writing. It can be useful for anyone who needs to write up logins of websites, codes/passwords of emails / bank accounts / credit cards, to make private financial notes, to keep sensitive parts of a diary secret, and so on.


In the book I’m explaining the basic principles for creating a highly secure personalized handwriting code, an individual cryptography, and how to operate it securely without compromising it by unwilling giveaways of the code. The book is technical “how to” manual, and as such it’s divided into 30 numbered chapters, for easy following and learning. The book includes history of the development of the method and also how the book was written, to give a bit relaxing tone in some chapters as most of the book requires concentration in reading technical information. In one of the first chapters I have described the best learning process using the book as a manual, which gives a clear picture how to get from the book most information without getting confused with many interdependent parts of the cryptography method. In the book are basic principles of handwriting encryption, techniques of encryption, and ways of using the encryption in many fields of life, including art and business. Necessary points are made for sharing the code with several people, key delivery methods and ways of securing the code for recovery of data in case of errors. Included are examples of code creation in basic level and medium level, with detailed step by step explanation of the creation process of the code, which ends with writing samples both for basic and medium level codes. The highest level code is explained briefly, about what it should include. Also some exercises are included. Several commercial uses of the cryptography method are presented, including uses for product promotion, games, lottery, cryptic signatures, cryptic orders, and more.

This is an unbreakable handwriting cryptography method (medium level and above, if done right) even for an array of most powerful computers — I have found no competition to my method on the same level.

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With Best Wishes,
Alex Kobold


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