Nicotine only controls you because you believe in it.

A new study in Frontiers in Psychiatry found that only smokers who thought that their cigarettes contained nicotine got the satisfaction of smoking. Anyone who was told they weren’t getting nicotine — even if it was a normal cigarette — was left unsatisfied.

The researchers took 24 chronic smokers and looked at their brain activity in an fMRI machine right after they smoked. Every smoker visited them four separate times, but they were only given real cigarettes twice. One time they were told it had nicotine, the other they were told it didn’t. It was only when they were told there was nicotine that it had any power over them — The fMRI scans showed increased activity in the insula, one of the principle areas of the brain that controls cravings to addictive substances, indicating that the cigarettes were only satisfying their addiction when they knew there was nicotine inside.

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