the book now off the site.

thank you for your attention and particular thanks to all the followers on YE wordpress blog and on linked YE social accounts. even spam comments were welcome as they made the site more visible in different searches.

the reality is actually such that i can’t afford to give away my every piece of hard work for free anymore. the blog remains free of course, but my work on cryptography (including the book) must begin to provide me with some support for living. the edited and updated book on my method of Advanced Handwriting Cryptography, which i had worked on the last several weeks, is now over 100 pages long, which is a progress compared to the less than 40 pages of the promotional free book (Advanced Cryptography Individual Operation – ACIO). it was freely available for over two and half years. now i’m going to search for publishers to the updated book.. logically it means that i had to take off the old version of the book from free download. when it will be possible by the terms of a contract with a publisher i will post the promotional version for free download again. the length of the books isn’t a measure of course: in the new book there are added chapters with step by step examples of code creation in different levels of hardness and much more.. you’ll find out when you buy the book. i will let you know when and where it becomes available.

there has been no financial progress for way too long to keep going that way — not the blog nor my other attempts of living from donations have succeeded, while the YE blog has produced not a single donation this far. so, i’m back to the capitalistic principles of life after my failed attempt to promote socialism.

you can support the blog --

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