about overwhelming bad science.

all people claiming to have healing powers must give a public access to their own health record, all people claiming the powers to see the past must show how many world’s lost treasures have they found, or equivalent achievements, all who claim seeing the future must show the track record of their lottery winnings, all who’re selling anti-aging remedies or rejuvenation techniques by the power of mind must have a significantly better health than an average person of the same age, and so on. open your eyes.. all famous ‘gods’ or ‘sons and daughters of gods’ are dead, or will be dead like any other mortal person. if you find someone who has the proven record of the claimed powers, only then is point to begin to pay attention, otherwise it’s just a waste of time on blah blah of mentally challenged people, or messing with well organized criminal activity, with fraudsters. these things are better to be defined by laws for what they are, with related penalties, or there will be no end for this widespread bs – bad science. just imagine how much of human brain power and physical energy could be channelled to solving pertinent issues of humanity, instead of teaching every new generation to live inside their twisted minds without significant input into the society. if these issues won’t be solved, giving right to practice what someone claims only when there are real results, then don’t expect the life to get much better anytime soon.

all above said, i am well aware of the proven physics of the many psychic effects that have no know explanation yet as of the mechanisms how they work.. it is all yet to be understood. the point i’m making here is that one must prove the claims in very straightforward and verifiable manner, doing the homework first, before running around diverting people from more relevant tasks in life.. or even worse — charging money for nonexistent effects. study of these psychic powers by science is more than welcome, even long overdue. the very existence of the incredible and still unexplained power of the placebo effect is the proof that this connection exists, and while not understood it is effectively applied in medicine, bringing wellbeing and saving lives. still very few serious scientists dare to do an open research on mind-matter connection, putting their names on it. they must be prised. and in contrast, undeserved business and fraud on well wishing people must be punished in full extent, because it makes such a serious negative impact on development of the society.

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