advanced mind control techniques..

reposting something from my previous writings, just as a reminder..

Youth Extension

in many years of research, trials and errors, i have developed some thinking and meditation techniques which have almost unbelievable impact on the abilities and vitality in general. as the result, these perfected techniques came out to be not that complex as one might think, but it’s not until you know and understand them. it’s hard to find out a truly efficient method until you have gathered great amount of feedback, which implies of course that i did try these techniques on many people without their prior knowledge. i never harmed anyone.. just been studying the power of mind. i’m not ready yet to write about the mind control techniques openly.. only few friends of mine have ever seen these methods in action, when i demonstrated the effectiveness. i will teach the mind control methods to selected people only, to diminish the possibility of being the methods used for harming…

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