for longer healthy life

your attention and intentions drive the resources of your body. the less you pay attention to the physiological condition of your body and to the biological functions in it, the more your organism regards everything else, outside the body, as more important for survival than taking care of its own wellbeing. look inside yourself with a great attention, and you’ll be surprised how big difference it makes for your health. with daily meditation, listening to your body, in just a matter of few months (if you haven’t done it regularly or at all) you will see significant results in repairing huge amount of damaged cells, which have been neglected before. overall it means your body will detoxify better, regenerate itself better, and you will look younger than without such specific meditation with looking inside and listening to yourself. make it as important to turn attention to your inside world as the outside, and you will live a way longer healthy life than many believe it to be possible.

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