edited human genes

some scientists are saying that human genome has been edited artificially ages ago, to get old much faster and die earlier than it should be the norm. the reason behind it is unknown, but it makes perfect sense, because why the evolution would give us such a powerful brain, capable of learning so complex things, which would need half a life to get to the point when you only begin to really understand things in grand scale, and then not using the knowledge due to getting old and weak, and dying. if it will be confirmed, that our genes have been edited artificially, then it gives a hope that it’s possible to figure out how to remove or correct this edited part in human genome, and to live hundreds of years without weakening of the body and mind.

keep in mind that there’s enough data out there about prehistoric advanced civilisations, with found artifacts on technologically much higher level than mainstream science would officially admit. all around the globe. many of the incredible discoveries are confirmed by mainstream science, but nonetheless not included in official textbooks, because they contradict to currently held theories about evolution, but that should be the basis for rewriting the whole human history. the discoveries point to the fact that there have been several highly advanced human species and civilisations even millions of years back from now. who we really are, where do we really come from, is yet unknown with certainty. maybe current humans are coming from few survivors of the ancient civilisations, reinventing the advanced culture to the higher level of our intellectual potential.

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