Happy Coming New Year Everybody!

Happy Coming New Year Everybody!

The last wishes this year are about caution. Please don’t rush into any special diets or antiaging treatments before the field has become wiser and more mature. You shouldn’t drastically change your food intake or even lifestyle if you’re in good physical condition. Lets keep an eye on the longterm results of those who have nothing to lose anyway and are forced to apply the new treatments, becoming voluntary test subjects. So far nobody has become immortal yet or even shown signs of long term improvement in body condition regarding to aging, if they’ve been living a healthy lifestyle prior to the applied rejuvenation methods. Which means those treatments are only good if you’ve been treating yourself bad beforehand. But there’s a hope that some methods do become powerful tools in improving your chances to live longer than ever before been possible. We just don’t know for sure which methods. The science is only guessing right now, because even with great progress in research that works in simpler organisms the same methods aren’t necessarily beneficial for humans. Myself I apply to my life special meditation which I have developed based on my observations on results, and reasonable eating, but not taking a single pill for presumably prolonging my life. And I feel like meditation is enough, but time will show how it works out in long term — maybe the next hundred years I’ll be able to tell my story with a greater confidence. Recently I began applying one very simple, natural in true meaning, dietary trick, and in few months or years I should be able to tell the difference by my own feeling, if it’s worth to continue or not. But for now.. I wish you all wisdom and eternal health!

Alex A. O. Kobold

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