holidays ahead

one of my electronic devices, a new tablet, went out of order. that’s the second new device this year that simply stops functioning. i have learned to regularly back up my works, thus it only means some holidays from internet as i’m going to bring the device to reparation. if i won’t decide to keep working online on my smaller tablet which isn’t that convenient, preferring to meditate instead, then i won’t be online that often anymore.. which means less posts on the YE blog as well.

..when i was writing that post on my backup tablet it also broke down.. still working, but went silent, so i can’t listen to lectures nor to watch documentaries anymore. will see how long my android phone will last now. if will not be possible to repair the tablets, like it happened with the another brand new one which broke down on august, will get my money back or a better replacement. it just will take a bit of time of waiting, maybe few months. having a great time.. holidays ahead..

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