advanced mind control techniques..

in many years of research, trials and errors, i have developed some thinking and meditation techniques which have almost unbelievable impact on the abilities and vitality in general. as the result, these perfected techniques came out to be not that complex as one might think, but it’s not until you know and understand them. it’s hard to find out a truly efficient method until you have gathered great amount of feedback, which implies of course that i did try these techniques on many people without their prior knowledge. i never harmed anyone.. just been studying the power of mind. i’m not ready yet to write about the mind control techniques openly.. only few friends of mine have ever seen these methods in action, when i demonstrated the effectiveness. i will teach the mind control methods to selected people only, to diminish the possibility of being the methods used for harming others.

to select the people whom i will teach i will first make sure they’re sufficiently capable of controlling their own mind, to keep attention on tasks and not to deviate from taken thought processes at hand, then it shouldn’t harm anyone even by accident. if you want to learn the powerful mind control techniques then first you must learn my cryptography method, the basic principles. later i will publish encrypted texts with thought concentration, meditation and mind control techniques, giving the encryption key to those who have passed my selection. the encrypted texts will be published under the category ‘ENCRYPTED‘.

below are the books you will need to read, to prepare yourself for the following writings.. to be able to comprehend..

! please note that the domains written into the books are discontinued
— the domains may find new owners after my payments will expire.. !

you can begin reading my book on the encryption method.. (free download).

as i  have written about it before i’m working on the second edition of the book, whenever time for it.. earlier or later the second edition will also be available.. whether for selected people, as a paid version, or free of charge for everyone, that isn’t decided at this point. in any case the first free edition of the book is quite enough to understand the encryption method in general, and to make up your mind whether you’re interested to learn it in detail.. with further possibility to learn how to gain control over your own mind and those you want to influence. i remind you that many years ago i have written a book about philosophy of thinking, which partly already have some mind control techniques included, in general description.. (free download as well). since publishing the book my knowledge on the subject has grown quite significantly, backed with much more practical experience.

obviously, i developed the meditation techniques not only for controlling mind, but having a lasting impact on body as well — to stay young as long as possible. and that’s another proof that my methods do work. it’s early of course to come to final conclusion, as my chronological age isn’t that great yet to determine the factors that influenced my body the most.. but i’m doing absolutely great, which gives me all the confidence to write about what i’m writing here.

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