Textbooks on cells should be rewritten

All science students learn how human cell division takes place. The copying or replication of the genome, the cell’s DNA, has until now been believed only to take place during the so-called S-phase in the cell cycle. The new results show that this is not the case, because some regions of the genome are copied only after the cell enters the next crucial phase in the cell cycle called mitosis.

read the article.. www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2015-12/uoct-toc120815.php

[Alex Kobold: last year i watched a lecture by a scientist explaining many theories of aging and in one part a completely new approach on how the cell membrane works, explaining better many cell functions – he called the researcher of the new cell membrane mechanism a ‘heretic’ who will be smashed or will soon be a man who goes to all biology textbooks. recently i tried hard to find the video again, or any information about it, and found nothing at all. sadly. could have been a very interesting post.] 

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