new followers: there’s lots of information to get from the older posts as well.

during the research i have noticed that there’s lots of ‘news’ out there on the internet that’s kind of repeating old news, simply rewritten in other words by other publishers. as i’ve said it before, all the articles and videos on this blog are reviewed by myself, prior to posting — nothing in the blog is posted only because it looks good. i do my best not to waste the time of the followers — every new post should open some new insights into the possibilities to live longer and healthier, to cure age related diseases and to stay young as long as possible. and of course i’ll post the science news on transhumanism, biotechnology etc., all of which are related to prolonging and improving life.

i will try to keep the blog clean and clear, so if you’re a new follower you can also find valuable information by looking in the archives of the blog — very rarely some material is repeated, except in videos. a new video with some repeating material is only added when there’s important new stuff in it, related to the topic.

now i will take some time to continue working on the 2nd edition of the book on my cryptography method. as ever i will drop posts on the YE topic, as much as some interesting new material comes up on my daily research.

donations will keep the YE blog active -

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