the words you say or think and the results you get.

it may have sound a crazy idea just some decades ago, from a scientific point of view, but now many studies point to the close connection between our thoughts (words are the result of coherent, logically consistent thoughts) and body, with mutual impact they make — both ways.

talking about how one can improve health by thoughts, one must recognize which thoughts are making an impact on the body, by personal observations. the thoughts must go through several trials on meditation techniques, before coming to any conclusions, because there’s plenty of other circumstances in life that can affect your body, not only thoughts. also, the thoughts must be clear and defined with correct vocabulary, which implies the knowledge of correct meaning of words. words are created for describing the world and interactions therein, thus with correctly arranged words one can make an impact on the world. please do not to take it like you can change physical non-living matter at will (some studies prove even that to be possible, but only in limited ways.. for example the experiments on thinking differently about water), but you do can influence your own organic matter, because it’s connected to your thoughts most closely.

take a time to listen to your body.. and to talk to it. not like a mad person, but by the thoughts that influence your mood, your mental/psychological state you’re in, and as the result improving your health. if you do it right you can remain physically young for far longer than by your chronological clock would normally be possible.

when people are angrily shouting out words it’s not because the words exist on their own and anyone can control them at will.. this happens because of the physical-physiological expression inside your body, which may result in a scream to stop a predator ending the pain, or in more developed response in words that can stop the cause of the pain. words are an expression of your physiological processes, the result of complicated transformation of information from one code to another. the same can work backwards, if the code is set right – words can make your body the way you want it to be, up to the physically possible point of course. if you demand too much from your body then your brain will discard it as a non-sense and non-vital information.

read also my earlier post related to this.. thoughts that make an impact are only based on true knowledge.

i must emphasize here that escaping the reality of life by ignoring the truth is not going to help you to find the right connection between words, thoughts and body. in the contrary — by encapsulating your mind trying to think only about ‘good’ and ‘beautiful’ will lead you to madness. only truth sets you free. only true knowledge about the surrounding environment you’re living in, and corresponding actions to improve the life, will result in true mind-body interaction, which you can control. not ignoring the propaganda meant to drive you into submission and non-action, but learning about how it all works and avoiding an undesired impact on you — taking propaganda and manipulating advertisements as the talk of children who want to get their way by telling you obvious lies, while you keep living the life your way. when needed you can keep the children (propaganda source) in place telling back truth or necessary lies as long as they work, without the need to use force, to make clear who is in charge in the house. but if nothing else works and your life gets troublesome then taking physical action is also necessary.. or you’ll lose control over your life.

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