Sleep Deprivation Slowly Kills Your Brain

The recommended number of hours of sleep you should get a night is around seven to eight hours for adults, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. But once you get into chronic sleep deprivation, the symptoms get more drastic: your hormones become imbalanced, blood pressure rises, and, according to a University of Alabama at Birmingham study, your risk of stroke jumps significantly. A stroke worsened by sleep deprivation even caused the death of a Chinese man after binge-watching soccer for 48 hours.

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Alex Kobold: it may look like this article/video should force me to retract my writings about sleep, but it cannot.. simply because i have my own life experience that does not completely agree with the article. for example i have had worked in several occasions (on protection missions) for three and half days straight, without any sleep, and only morning hours were hard to stay awake. i didn’t try more than that simply because i wasn’t sure if that’s a good idea to do without a medical oversight, and there was no need for that. i do love to sleep i must admit, but once in a while i skip a night of sleep to work instead, feeling fine.

here’s what i wrote in busy days of research when i lived in switzerland, about two years ago:

a way to improve self-performance.

while spending day after day watching documentaries and lectures on internet, mostly science, i came up with an idea to improve my own body performance while learning all kind of interesting stuff. the main obstacle in keeping up performance many days 15-20 hours straight on computer, from time to time also 36-40 hours with no rest, isn’t the brain but eyes.. sometimes you feel totally awake and ready to absorb the material, but eyes are just so tired that your vision starts filling up with fluids, forcing you to abandon computer and take a nap. the enormous amount of information out there forced me to came up with a solution: working on computer doesn’t require stereo vision, so i simply closed one eye for half an hour and after gave the other eye half an hour rest.. working on computer just with one eye open at time keeps your sight fresh and provides with additional few hours a day to study the wonderful world we live in. it may first sound as a joke, but i tried and it works for me, when eyes get too tired.

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