thoughts that make an impact are only based on true knowledge.

thinking comes in different modes: some thoughts are known imagination, with no impact to physiology, other thoughts are true beliefs. the false knowledge is based for example on indoctrination by obviously wrong statements, which may result in an acquired corresponding social behavior which the brain takes as a necessary acting mode in the society, while not really believing it. the false knowledge can also be based on wrong interpretation of some information about the world, which the brain discards regadless you realize it consciously or not. in the contrary, the other mode of thinking is based on true, verified facts, and is deeply influential to your body while your brain finds no contradictions in all the information absorbed during life-time. in case of contradictions the brain would discard the thoughts as non-relevant for survival — if there’s not enough verified data to discard one data-set as incorrect then the brain isn’t relying on any part of the information more than just waiting for more data to either confirm the understanding or to discard it.. this intermediate state isn’t affecting you either unless you’re in an extreme condition requiering you to act based on the information you have. there’s a method of training to influence your body by your mind even without full knowledge of the subject — for that to take place you must be put into an extreme physical condition, for the body to crave for more information and to fill the gaps with its own most plausible theories. the true set of thoughts affects your body the most. thus, it’s really important to act on what is true (“to act” also involves “to think”), including the knowledge of proven methods to profoundly influence bodily functions by thoughts. if you just wishfully believe but don’t know the underlying principles of mind-body interaction, then your subconscious mind filters out your related thoughts as non-vital.. it’s like a closed circle — the more you learn about yourself in true scientific sense the more your thoughts are able to influence your body. that’s the way to prolong your life and to stay forever young.. by constant learning, research and right (correct, moral) thinking.

ps. what is ‘true’, ‘correct’, ‘moral’, ..and the contrary? i have posted a lecture series (a seminar) about it earlier..

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