options to donate

a new option to support my work on the YE blog: DONATE

..the YE blog has been online for over a month now, sharing with the world well over 50 selected videos and many writings on the subject, thus it’s the time to add an option to donate in case someone has a desperate urge to give out money — you never know, may happen. it’s been possible to support the blog before as well, by donating to my other projects, for example through my crowdfunding page for my cryptography methods or buying a domain from those i sell, but the mentioned ways haven’t been very successful in making a living. now i have added an option to donate directly, with the purpose of buying more time to work on the subject of Youth Extension..

donate by PayPal.. https://www.paypal.me/youthextension

(on the paypal it shows my location in Alicante, Spain, which is not an error — i simply haven’t created a new italian paypal account with all the connected bank services. my current location is in Italy though)



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