the hobbies you need to have.

everyone, or rather anyone who wishes to greatly prolong his/her life, must have one or more hobbies or interesting activities which are not dependent on modern technology in any ways. it can be practiced with modern tools as well, but it’s really important to regularly practice the hobby without any technology which can easily fail at any moment with no simple and fast replacement — you must have an interesting activity where you’re in total control, without the subconscious fear or stress from the possibility of being cut off. it gives the necessary freedom of mind in the knowledge that your life will always be interesting, no matter what happens with the technology around you at any moment in time. the freedom of mind, also subconsciously, is one of the preconditions for practicing active meditation — you cannot achieve a lot if your life is dependent on things not under your control even in practicing an interesting activity worth living for. find a hobby with no attachments to technology, if you haven’t one. all the other hobbies are a plus, but at least one must be under your control only.

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