about the “page not found” errors

sorry about some lost videos in russian i recently posted.. i tested the scheduling option of posts on the blog and apparently due to differences in clocks on my tablet and server the videos jumped all over the place regardless my best efforts to get the thing right.

you can find the ‘lost’ videos in the category ‘in russian’.. https://youthextension.wordpress.com/category/in-russian/

..i keep testing to find the error, hopefully not creating more mess on the blog. if not successful i won’t be scheduling posts but posting whenever time for it. sometimes there can appear several posts at time with bigger pauses after a posting spree.

i do keep publishing only the best selected information. nothing on this blog is published just because it looks good — even if i don’t have scientific qualifications to evaluate specific information in biology and genetics, after years of research i have a general understanding in many sciences, especially the latest developments not yet taught in universities — all i publish here is decided to be included in the blog by myself, after reviewing the information.


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