getting closer to the point.

most of the blog design and testing of the blog options has been done by now. today i also added a rating tool for individual posts, on top of previous option to ‘like’, so don’t be shy and use them to show your level of interest.

by now i have posted enough scientific information to corroborate my findings about the way to achieve relative immortality, or youth extension, call it as you wish. human mind has an enormous capacity to control physiological processes, not only of oneself but also others. as i pointed it out previously, simple words can damage the health of others or to improve it, and even more effect can one have on personal health, by taking control over the mind. again, i have written about it quite clearly in the book ‘seeming reality‘, over 15 years ago. now there’s a bit more philosophy to add, and then to get into practical mind training.

first of all, who is “eligible” so to say? anyone who loses control over oneself, gets stressed out, becomes nervous and so on.. or even is just getting bored with life and/or has no purpose in it.. all of you can be chosen and none of the said before will be an obstacle, if you wish to improve your life. but eligible for the change will be only those who on top of wishes have the will and are ready to take action.

in that light i would begin with posting here a lecture which requires quite a bit of thinking about right/wrong, good/bad etc.

..i will repost this seminar as embedded videos in the following post.


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