sleep may be soon an evolutionary relic.

just an opinion. if i get i right, with what i have learned from scientific findings about sleep, soon it should be entirely possible to overcome the evolutionary need for sleep.. not in theory but developing effective drugs for clearing up toxins in the brain. sleep can soon be administered only for sick people needing an extra detoxification. could be that it’s already been done but still kept for military personnel in specific missions? when i was a kid i heard from a russian ex spets naz that they had some drugs which allowed men to run for a week with no sleep, to deliver miniature nuclear bombs in a back bag to the target, through a forest, and run out to safety before it detonated. was it a special training with drugs for not getting tired, or was it a sleep regulating drug? who knows, but seems entirely possible now that the need for sleep can be eliminated even with specific training without drugs, at least for couple of weeks at time. biology should allow that with no adverse consequences.


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