my bio

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a brief bio (capture of my life in search of truth and years in exile)

1980-1990 (since 9 years of age) practiced in several schools of martial arts, learned thinking and meditation techniques with different teachers and gurus in Estonia (including teachers from China and Finland), Lithuania and Russia. traveled, practiced and learned in different schools and with personal teachers in Russia, Kazakhstan and other Ex-Soviet countries. traveled and trained in southern and northern Russia, Urals, Tian-Shan mountains, Siberia and Far East.

1990 before collapse of the Soviet Union served in Russian Army for half a year. got released back to Estonia from the army while Estonia was becoming “free and independent”.

1991-1993 trained and taught martial arts, worked in protection in a bank and on private missions.

1993 opened a school of martial arts. began series of lectures on philosophy of thinking.

1995-1998 created and bought several businesses: consulting, gambling, cinema, and others. had been restricted by local government to go ahead with some of my new projects – solid bribes were demanded. the beginning of my conscious fight against corruption in politics. wrote several articles on the subject. my business licenses were unlawfully revoked, libel articles were published in newspapers against my companies and me personally.

1997 wrote and published the book “Seeming Reality”, in 1998 published an edited version of the book. the book was often hidden in bookshops – customers got response “sold” but the book’s sales manager collecting money been told it was “forgotten to put out for sale”. nevertheless the book sold well and most libraries acquired it straight from print.

1999 was ‘forced’ to go to exile from Estonia as on bogus charges could have been imprisoned for up to 15 years. left behind two kids and wife hoping to see them abroad as soon as possible. prior to leaving the country succeded to change my name with the permission of the interior ministry, on the grounds of the continuous attack on me by the news media.

1999 asked political asylum in Switzerland. case was disregarded on the grounds that Estonia is a democratic country.. was sent back. run away from Estonia again, the same day. three days later asked political asylum in Switzerland for second time, taking a lawyer. was arrested during refusal of asylum, my government appointed lawyer refused to protect me. was sent back with escort of two policemen and given over to Estonian police, was arrested. succeeded to get free on the signature that i won’t leave the country. escaped to France.

2001 in Spain and France i got warned by the officials that Estonia is an European country and there doesn’t exist any corruption nor discrimination. tried to proceed again with asylum in Switzerland (the closest country out of the EU). took back my application for asylum after several attempts by the Swiss police to force me to sign some documents without translating them to me, and been threatened to be sent to Estonia if i won’t take back my asylum application. returned to France.

1999-2003 changed constantly living places in Spain and France working ‘black’ in security, personal security, in bars and restaurants, repairing boats etc… as being wanted in Estonia my battle against corruption was very restricted. my ex-wife visited me once, without children.

2002 news media in my country had found out my new name and the libel articles continued, disclosing the name i had taken in 1999.

2003 war in Iraq, police searches for “terrorists” all over the Europe. moved to Japan.

2003 after extensive research and consideration began publishing the truth about corruption in WORLD POLITICS sharing collected information by e-mails, on social sites and at work.

2004 while my asylum case had a negative result was imprisoned in Japan in a single chamber indefinitely (without providing any date of release). in 9 months lost over 20 kg of weight. was forced to sign return documents as no other way to get free was possible. escaped in South-Korea during expulsion back to Estonia. escaped again in Czech Republic on expulsion from South-Korea, during the change of flight.

2006-2008 opened several websites publishing documentaries about lies and corruption in world politics. distributed free dvd-s with the documentaries.

2007-2009 my rented apartments in France and French Polynesia been visited several times by unknown people, documents in my living places been searched without my presence. went to Argentina and from there to Canada. tried to create a web-film on political reality based on a real story. all my ads on the subject were constantly removed from internet forcing me to repost them tens of times a day. regardless several successful important meetings the project had not advanced. visited the U.S. attempting to find necessary contacts in Hollywood, was quite successful. on the second trip to the U.S was refused entry. was imprisoned in Canada for a month in a single chamber in the highest security prison.. no access to a lawyer. was sent to Estonia. moved straight to France.

2010 been intended to be arrested as a terrorist in Paris by the special police unit (with machine guns) during an attempt to get from a bank my own money from the only account in France which had not yet been blocked. got away because i knew the head of the police unit personally from protection missions.. the police officer in charge of the squad refused to arrest me as i was known to him and not a suspected terrorist. moved to Spain.

2010 opened an online club about world politics in an Estonian social site. the club was heavily censored and my account closed. opened a new account and a new club which was again censored and went on sale without my permission.

2003-2010 six of my computers have been either hacked, destroyed or stolen. since summer of 2010, after even my linux computer was hacked i used for a year only public computers to go online.

2010 actively distributed fliers about political documentaries’ websites in Spain. have been tried to be poisoned and been attacked twice.

2011 moved to Switzerland, was refused asylum on the same grounds as 12 years ago, was sent to Estonia. all my bank accounts still unlawfully under arrest, several illegal court decisions (some of them taken without my presence and without my prior knowledge) still in force, even while in one case later court decision in another European country had overruled it. also discovered my identity being used by someone else for business, the police refusing to investigate and court unwilling to assist with a lawyer to solve the case. collected quickly available proves on the issues and left to Finland.

2011 being in Finland got calls from Estonia about the police searching me all over the country, together with medical staff. been warned i’ve got a deadly TB (tuberculosis) by the results of the tests in Switzerland. applied for asylum in Finland. medical tests showed no TB. got refusal of entering into the matter of asylum, even refusing to look into the documented proves (the police and court documents) of discrimination, and was ordered by the police to leave Finland in a week regardless the written decision said i’ve got a month to appeal and i can’t be sent out of the country during this time. moved to Norway.

2011 in Norway was immediately hospitalized as a “threat to public”. got a “two year sentence” from doctors: was ordered about half a year chemotherapy in hospital plus one and half year treatment in house to get completely cured. all this was only on “discovery” of the TB in Switzerland whose doctors sent warnings out to other countries.. all the tests on TB in Finland and following several extensive tests in Norway were negative – no TB was ever confirmed. on my concerns about continuing chemotherapy got response that if i left the hospital they would had to imprison me for the rest of my life because i posed a “threat to public health”. with the huge doses of chemicals began having terrible head-aches and nausea, very bad sleep, heavy and irregular heart beat. was warned i may lose hearing and sight as a “normal side effect”, kidneys were giving up. two and half months into treatment stopped taking medication against doctors’ will. been warned i may die within two years. after withdrawal from the treatment, by the results of the tests about a month later, doctors confirmed i have “spontaneously recovered”. the question remains from what?!

2011 left behind my passport and driving licence to the Norwegian police and escaped Norway using my ID card. the reason: everything indicated i’d be sent out to Estonia — my lawyer (appointed by the Norwegian government) didn’t speak any language i could understand, the case was due in the end of the year and the translator wasn’t available, etc. .. England refused to open the case about political asylum as i’m from a democratic country. after insisting to look into the materials and a brief explanation the British authorities accepted to take the case but advised to leave on my own and reside in Europe without the status of a political refugee keeping it as an option just in case. i agreed. left to France.

2012 moved to Spain as in France all my bank accounts were still arrested with no permission to open a new account in any bank. got made my new passport and ID card through the Estonian embassy in Madrid. wasn’t arrested but i had my backup plan anyway for the case if it had happened. the driving licence still needed to be made anew.

2012 few of my blogs got blocked or suspended again. continued to deliver political messages on my home pages and sending occasionally some important news (especially updated lists of documentaries) to my e-mail contacts. while unable to recover my money from bank accounts in France, Japan and some other countries, and after losing my work in Spain, dedicated myself to survival in the continuing financial crisis.

2012 went to Norway and tried to get back my driving licence, no success.

2013 took a risk and went to Estonia, after 13 years in exile hoped to start a new life. got arrested right in the airport with no explanation.. police had no idea why i was in the wanted list. from prison sent out information to friends to contact media.. after the successful contact with the outer world was immediately released and at the same time charged with a case (again) which had long ago been resolved in my favor. presented the proves of the closed case from many years ago to the investigator and while awaiting the court decision found a job. finally was able to find and meet one of my sons, after over 13 years apart. met with the secret police and asked to investigate the reasons why someone unknown to me was still using my identity and no police nor courts were willing to take action, or if they’ve been blocked from doing so by the government.. the secret police didn’t take the case as they “don’t deal with the corruption in government”. a few months later my salary got arrested referring to the same (illegal) charges against me. left Estonia again, perhaps for ever.

2013 back in Norway tried yet again to get back my driving licence held by the immigration police. after few months and several different excuses by the police decided to give up.. my driving licence “had been lost” or “accidentally destroyed” by the words of the police – they weren’t sure what happened to it. wrote the book “Advanced Cryptography Individual Operation”. published a promotional version of the book.

2014 immigration authorities in Sweden didn’t recognize me as an asylum seaker (thus i was given no lawyer), but i was still given an opportunity to appeal.. on my appeal i got a response that they don’t want to hear me in court, in other words (i’m paraphrasing) Sweden declared they don’t respect human rights, or they do it selectively depending on their political agenda. regardless all the political hassle, people working on the case directly with me (not some far away decision makers) and other people not related to political matters, have been very friendly and nice both in Sweden and in Norway. conditions in refugee camps have been very nice, food excellent (especially in Sweden) and i have no complaints about how asylum seekers are treated in their first needs. but, having just a nice food, medical expenses covered and place to live isn’t all.. if you’re in constant situation where you can be at any moment taken into custody and sent back to your country where government abuses against you have been well documented, that’s not the life you wish to have.. still there’s no-one willing to recognize the fact that an european country is corrupt to its core and rotting from its head.

2014 moved to Switzerland. my asylum case wasn’t accepted again.. this time on the grounds that i applied “too soon” since the last time. lived there for over half a year, then moved to Italy.

2015 for several months promoted my cryptography method. created a marketing tool for products using encrypted messages as a guessing game. proposed the project to many potential investors. nobody was seriously interested.. or maybe they were just scared of the idea of cryptography, which in these days is related to ‘terrorism’, by the media brainwashing, instead of freedom and right for privacy. also investigated my possibilities about getting an asylum in Italy. my political activity, spreading the true information about world politics, been quite limited, but still successful.. because it’s much easier to talk with people now, when they get it, compared to 12 years ago when almost nobody was believing you or even willing to listen carefully what i was explaining them.

… (to be continued)

/ last edited 2015.06.23 /

p.s. i must admit that through all these years of struggle i’ve had a fair amount of support from the police and other officials.. off the record of course.. up to the point that one policeman said me openly that he hopes i’m a moral person and will continue the fight. they all know what’s going on, often even better than common ‘truthers’, because they know it from inside. the problem is that they must follow the laws made by the corrupt governments.. it’s the duty of everyone to stand up against unconstitutional and inhuman laws, especially the duty of those who’re not legally bound to enforce the laws as they’ve got bigger freedom for a civil action. keeping silent is not an option – it would mean accepting the slavery which is ‘progressively’ being imposed by the criminal governments. i may have been not alive anymore if i didn’t have enough support in common ranks of officials.. thanks to all who have helped me.


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