about the annoying ads on some videos.

while reviewing my YE blog on a windows pc i noticed that some embedded videos have lots of ads inserted (i work mostly on tablet thus i haven’t come upon such an amount of inserted publicity before). sorry about that — the ads are not placed by me but by those who have uploaded the videos, i suppose. i did some uploading on my channel some years ago, with no ads, but it’s a hell lot of work to keep the account up to date because youtube is often blocking the videos for the ‘copyright’ or undisclosed reasons. now i rely on other uploaders. if some videos are no longer available you can notify me and i will try to find another source.. or just find the video yourself seeking by the name. sorry again for the annoying ads, there’s nothing i can do about it in my modest time available.

my commercial ads are posted in a separate category: COMMERCIAL

the best you can do to avoid annoying ads inserted to a video is try to open the link in different platforms: in computer browser, in tablet browser, in app.. by my experience you can even watch a “video not available in your country” using cellphone. you can also use vpn tunnels (selecting a different country) to unblock videos and perhaps even to avoid ads.

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