for greatly prolonging your healthy lifespan.

one of the advices i’ll give is that don’t try to solve all the problems in life. not all the problems are possible to solve and trying to look heroic or purposeful or strong is not helping your mind to be balanced when the problem has no solution in your capacity. in some cases is wiser to walk away from the problem, to change your life retaining your internal calm. if it’s not possible to walk away physically then concentrating on something demanding your attention, like science, is a way of walking away from problems mentally, benefitting your life at the same time. if you have children then that’s a great obstacle in expanding and extending your life, because for the sake of wellbeing of children you can’t just walk away. with that the nature has already balanced itself — you either become immortal (relatively) or have children with constant issues needed to be solved and life shortening stress created. i do have children, but as i had to go on exile when they were very small i haven’t been dealing very much with the daily problems coming from this. as of my life in exile — keeping my mind free i have just been changing my life every time it got into serious difficulties. being homeless is a bonus in that situation. so, my advice is: don’t keep anything too tied up to your mind that you would suffer from it. everything can still have a true value to you, not being dependent when life has changed and you need to leave some things to the past, moving on with the clear mind. when i happen to get into an argument and the opponent just pushes on against any logic, just trying to be right with the force, be it screaming or else, i prefer to agree and shut up, or to walk away if agreeing damages my life more than getting into a pointless agreement. if the argument is about some material things then i rather leave it to the opponent, when it’s not worth my health in having it. you still should fight over your rights, but you must recognize what damages your health more — losing the thing or the fight over it. materialistic people will never achieve immortality. homeless in other hand have the greatest opprtunity to live longer than others if they know how to think.. they have the least attachments to the material world. it doesn’t mean you must become homeless — the life as homeless has its own health damaging issues. you must know how to survive in good physical and mental condition. i could write a book about this as well, but basically it’s only the issue of intelligence to find out how to live relatively fine as homeless.

another advice: learn to enjoy your work. you spend a big part of your life at work and thus no evening meditation will balance your mind after whole day mental degradation, if you hate your work. if you can’t figure out a way to enjoy your work then better quit — no money will compensate your lost health and early aging. for some time i worked on construction doing heavy clean up jobs, for several months. some of my work mates hated the job and sweared every possible moment, while i was just having fun, regardless that often i did more and was terribly tired in the end of the day. my direct boss was the most full of hate about the job (he worked hard as well, but hated that) and picked on me, because i was just enjoying the hardest tasks he gave me. working with suffering or training with joy — same amount of physical energy invested but completely different mindset.. one destroys your health, the other makes you stronger. finally i just quit the job from the pity to the boss, as he was about to get a heart attack soon.. so much he bagan hating me for having fun while i was supposed to suffer in his understanding. almost every type of job is possible to think into joy, almost, and if not then just quit. change your life. when necessary to end being in your damaging environment then move to another town or even another country – your temporary physical hardships will benefit you as well as the mental freedom and calm soul. but you must learn to enjoy the change obviously.. if you wont then the nature won’t need you.


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