how many useless things you spend your life on?

one day i got into thinking about how many useless things are people spending their time on.. and i made a calculation. if you spend only 5 minutes a day for a useless thing, either talking of it or just thinking of it, then (let say if you expect to live till 70 years old) in 50 years of your conscious adult life you will have wasted over 2 months of your valuable life time. do you waste only 5 minutes a day? do you spend your life on things that really matter? .. obviously, the same goes for doing nothing at all, or wasting your time in social environment waiting in queues etc. the latter may be unavoidable, but it doesn’t mean you cannot use the time for keeping your brain active. there’s always a possibility to learn something new or to work on something in mind, if you can’t use your smartphone for some damned reason.


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