about keeping yourself alive and in good shape.

some people are saying that why should they bother to live a healthy lifestyle when this can prolong their life for few years only, while the new tecnologies can increase their life for decades. well, in the future that can be a valid argument, but right now you must keep yourself alive till the new treatments become available to you. and you must be in good enough condition that the treatments will be able to make good enough difference for you.

at the same time, if all kind of instant life damaging pleasures are the main joy of your life, then indeed you don’t need to care about keeping yourself in good health.. the future society won’t need immortal alcoholics or drug addicts who have nothing valuable to contribute for wellbeing of the society. thus the natural selection is working now the best it can, to eliminate future burden.

i’m not being sarcastic or rude, i have pretty tolerant attitude to almost all life forms, including human life forms. our enemies (including viruses) are one of driving forces of the evolution (i will drop a science documentary about it later). but nevertheless it’s better to keep the lower life forms in check, to avoid greater harm than good which comes from them.

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