your mind is the power behind living as long as you wish

most of my educated life i’ve been thinking that when i was about 10 years old and came up with an idea how to live forever, i’ve been too naive and even outright stupid. now, in recent years, all the scientific evidence points to it that this naive idea works.. and even perhaps that’s the only way of not getting old and to live forever, without becoming half robot.. as long as the natural environment allows of course. it’s kind of good thought, that i have been right since the beginning.. and at the same time it’s sad that i have lost so much time believing it’s impossible, because science has been so slow in understanding how human body works. and it’s still only the small step in getting back to the truths by empirical methods, to the truths that people have known for several millenia by observations. why people who have known that haven’t achieved immortality so far? because regardless staying physically younger than those not in the know, the wars and epidemics have still taken the toll. you cannot disregard advances in science in helping to live longer. simply science has often disregarded the capacity of human body to perform by itself much better than it does in average.. because average has been the norm in science for too long. now science knows, that extreme, if performed by a body, can become a new norm. you just need to understand how the extreme comes about naturally and teach others to live that way. the latter is perhaps the hardest to achive, because whatever people learn about themselves, hardly anyone applies it to his/her life.. like not to smoke, only to drink certain harmless alcohol and moderately, to eat balanced food, etc. ..and yet people still live longer in average. why? because they know it’s possible and make their life plans accordingly.. for longer life. power of thinking is immeasurably stronger than most environmental challenges we have now. that’s what i thought when i was about 10 years old: you should never make plans to die nor plans to live like an old person — keep your activity and thinking in the age you wish to be and you will retain the body according to that age. well, if i wasn’t told it’s impossible, and not been forced by everyone around me to act according to my chronological age, maybe i would still look like a 10 years old. i’m happy that i don’t.. i try to keep me around 30 now, for ever. but there are many medical cases when people never age since any age regardless they would want to. some stop aging at 5 and live as 5 years olds for 50 years. they simply die to other causes. some stop aging at later age, and some age way too faster than a norm. this is biological and medical fact. you only need to find out how to trigger that biological clock, to stop aging at certain age. power of mind has the most to say here, in my view.. in normal cases. you cannot expect it from a 10 year old actually, because a person in that age hasn’t properly developed yet, and has no necessary knowledge. yes, knowledge. just believing and wishing doesn’t help. you need to know why and how it’s possible, in scientific terms and evidence. then you know what to do with your mind, not just trying out something that has no real effect on you. that’s what i’m going to talk about here. when i was a young boy i got the right idea, but no specific knowledge how to think. now i know.


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