immortality and overpopulation. personal thought.

for humans having no activity is one of the hardest things to bear. some people don’t like creative activities with brain. they only need a master to be happy hard working slaves. trying to liberate from slavery non creative people is a dangerous undertaking.. they will resist their liberty in preference of keeping their masters, for their sense of being important as slaves, to keep their miserable made up happiness. by the natural selection in evolutionary process these people are not the ones to obtain immortality, because they are not creating the future.. they’re disposable tools in hands of masters who are creative and advance the life.

no slaves who are mentally dependent on having their masters will ever become immortal. and far not all masters will be capable of becoming immortal neither. more slave keepers than not are also mentally dependent on having (owning) their slaves, in sake of control. these masters are slaves themselves, because they’re not free, which means they have no creativity to imagine and create a different life. only letting go their prisoners a guard can get free as well. those masters who gather around them free thinking followers, free to leave at any time, can create something new for life.. which is the very essence of following by others and being freely chosen masters. thus the continuous creativity keeps masters necessary for evolution, capable obtaining immortality for as long as the crativity lasts. the slaves who only follow their masters, not becoming free and creative after certain growth, will perish.

immortality as such will never be a danger for creating an overpopulation, because continuosly creative people don’t need to continuously reproduce. after their due has been done they will be creating a different life, making it better for all to live, or they will be an obstacle for life. nature removes obstacles, or the obstacles remove the nature. there will always be more people who will harden in their mind and become slaves, and will die. nature itself takes care of eliminating the non evolving organisms. nature is not supporting endless suffering.. those not enjoying the life by finding always something new and interesting to live for, not only for own amusement but also for the whole living community of the species, will be eliminated by getting old and ceasing to exist.


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